Freda Lewis-Hall, MD – Conflict of Interest Disclosures

(As of January 17, 2014)

Financial Associations:

Pfizer, Inc. – Employer
- Pfizer, Inc.
- Pfizer Savings Plan
- Pfizer Supplemental Savings Plan
- Pfizer/Pharmacia Retirement Plan
- Eli Lilly Defined Benefit Pension Fund
- Bristol-Myers Squibb Defined Benefit
- Bristol-Myers Squibb
- Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pension Plan:
- Bristol-Myers Squibb Savings Plan
- Bristol-Myers Squibb 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan
- Lilly Pension Retirement Plan
- Vertex 401(k) Plan
- Howard University Retirement Plan

Personal Associations:

Power To End Stroke, American Heart Association – Board Member
Foundation for the National Institutes of Health – Board Member
Fellows of Harvard Medical School – Board Member
Institute of Medicine – Member
Save the Children (STC) – Board Member
NCATS Advisory Council – Council Member
NCAT/Cures Acceleration Network Review (CAN) – Chairperson
Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative – Executive Committee