PCORI Funding Announcement: Cycle III Application System Opens

January 15, 2013 by Martin Dueñas, MPA

Our online application system is now open for business for Cycle III funding for PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs) issued under the first four of our five National Priorities for Research. There are three funding cycles each year for all of our PFAs.

These PFAs correspond to the following national priority areas:

  • Assessment of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options – for projects that address critical decisions that patients, their caregivers and clinicians face with too little information.
  • Improving Healthcare Systems – for projects that address critical decisions that face healthcare systems, the patients and caregivers who rely on them, and the clinicians who work within them.
  • Communication and Dissemination – for projects that address critical elements in the communication and dissemination process among patients, their caregivers and clinicians.
  • Addressing Disparities – for projects that will inform the choice of strategies to eliminate disparities.

We encourage you to review our Funding Announcements, all of which have been recently updated, and hope you consider submitting a Letter of Intent for Cycle III, supporting comparative clinical effectiveness research that will give patients and those who care for them the ability to make better-informed healthcare decisions.

You can learn more about all future funding milestones and access application materials, including our revised Application Guidelines, in the PCORI Application Center.

For any questions please contact us at pfa@pcori.org.

4 Responses to“PCORI Funding Announcement: Cycle III Application System Opens”

  1. Howard J. Eng, MS, DrPH, RPH

    Is there an interest to reduce health disparities among Asian American and Pacific Islanders by establishing an informal health system that would increase the health literacy and access to the healthcare system for those who are uninsured or under insured?

    • PCORI

      PCORI has an interest in testing interventions that reduce health disparities among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other key understudied populations. Using informal health systems to improve access to care and overcome barriers due to low health literacy would fit under our Improving Disparities Funding Announcement. We are committed to comparative effectiveness research efforts that tests strategies to overcome any barriers—language, culture, transportation, unemployment, lack of support– that could improve patient-centered outcomes.

  2. Lee

    Why is it that so few African American and Latino Institutions received funding under the Addressing Disparities Funding Announcement? Funding dollars seemed to go to larger historically white institutions, many who give lip service to actually outreaching and testing interventions that reduce health disparities among African Americans and and other key understudied populations.

    • Communications

      Again, thank you for your question, Lee.

      We responded to your question on the other blog post, but are happy to share it again here.

      PCORI’s review criteria require applicants, regardless of the institution at which they are based, to demonstrate that their research proposal is responsive to the needs and interests of the study population and incorporates the population’s perspective throughout the research process. This is true for all PCORI Funding Announcements, including those related to Addressing Disparities. More information about our criteria can be found here: http://www.pcori.org/research-we-support/pcori-review-criteria/

      If you would like to talk to someone directly about how applications are reviewed, please feel free to call 202-627-1884 and ask for our Addressing Disparities program. Our team is happy to discuss with your further.

      Thanks again for reaching out.


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