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Voices of Engagement

Patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, employers, insurers, and others talk about working side by side to answer real-world questions critical to improving our health care. Meet them below.

Regina Greer-Smith, MPH, FACHE

Regina Greer-Smith

Healthcare Research Associates, LLC

Patient/Patient Advocate

“PCORI’s Engagement Rubric has empowered communities of color to become activated in ways not experienced before in health care.”

Kimberly Jinnett, PhD

Kimberly Jinnett

Research Director
Ctr for Workforce Health and Performance

Workforce Health and Productivity Expert

“PCORI plays a critical role in convening people who would approach research or clinical care in isolation of each other.”

Toya Burton, DC, MPH

Toya Burton

Chiropractor and Health Educator
Whatley Health Services, Inc.


“Patients are central partners in identifying what should be studied and in evaluating the progress of clinical research.”

Megan O'Boyle - Voices of Engagement

Megan O'Boyle

Principal Investigator
Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Data Network


"I put my toe in the research pool, and I've ended up in the deep end. I've gone full circle from 'this isn't for me' to 'this is my passion'."

Rebekah Angove, PhD

Rebekah Angove

Associate Director
Louisiana Public Health Institute


“PCORI is working hard to integrate the patient perspective into areas of clinical research that previously weren’t very open to patient inclusion.”

Stephanie Buxhoeveden - Voices of Engagement

Stephanie Buxhoeveden

Nurse Practitioner
Neurology Associates of Fredericksburg

Patient and Clinician

“After I was diagnosed, I quickly realized that clinicians are not the only experts on disease. Patients and their caregivers may know just as much if not more."

Neely Williams - Voices of Engagement

Neely Williams

Co-Primary Investigator
Mid-South CDRN (PCORnet)

Patient co-investigator

"I had no idea what PCORI was when I began to work with them. But it has just been phenomenal to see how it could have an impact."