Sign Up for the PCOR Partner List

The PCOR Partner List compiles the names, contact information, and areas of interest of individuals who want to partner on PCORI-funded research projects and other PCORI-sponsored initiatives.

Sign-ups for the PCOR Partner List are temporarily closed. Check back here for future opportunities to express your interest in partnering on future targeted PFAs and other PCORI initiatives.

Please email with any questions.

We launched the PCOR Partner List on March 4, 2014. More than 110 patients and non-researcher stakeholders signed up, expressing their interest in partnering with researchers on three of our targeted PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs): Pragmatic Clinical Studies and Large Simple Trials to Evaluate Patient-Centered Outcomes; Effectiveness of Transitional Care; and Obesity Treatment Options Set in Primary Care for Underserved Populations.

In late April, we reopened the list for patients and other stakeholders to sign up to join a developer team for the PCORI Matchmaking App Challenge. We are sending this list of more than 20 names to the developer teams preregistered for the challenge.

We will be offering more opportunities to sign up for the PCOR Partner List this summer. If you have questions or comments regarding the PCOR Partner List or the Matchmaking App Challenge, email us at