Advisory Panel Application Process

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The Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement has an opening for one panel member. Applications submitted before June 3 at 5:00 p.m. ET will be considered for this opening.  Applications will continue to be accepted year-round and considered for future openings.

Current Openings

Advisory Panel Open Positions Applicant Profile Length of Term
Patient Engagement  1 Preference for applicants representing patients, caregivers, and patient advocates. Organizational providers, employers, researchers, clinicians, health insurance plans representatives, and policy makers are also welcome to apply. 2 years


Requirements and Expectations

Panelists are required to abide by PCORI’s Conflict of Interest Policy, to attend two to four in-person meetings in the DC area and several remote access meetings throughout the year, and to read background materials in preparation for all meetings. PCORI will make public panelists’ Conflict of Interest Disclosures, affiliations, and the stakeholder communities they represent as reported to us.

Application Review and Selection Process

Applications submitted by the deadline are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Late applications will be retained and considered for future openings.

PCORI’s executive staff establishes multidisciplinary Advisory Panel Applicant Review Teams for each panel. To mitigate potential conflicts of interest, review team members are required to recuse themselves from initial evaluations of any applicants with whom they had a close professional or personal association. Selection criteria are used to evaluate each applicant’s experience and ability to contribute to each panel’s specific scope of work. In the interest of consistency, applicants are reviewed within the context of other applicants from their stakeholder group. Learn about our review and selection process.

How to Apply

Our online application form will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete. It includes a series of multiple-choice and open-form questions. Applicants must provide a personal statement (250 to 500 words) that clearly describes their background, experience, degree to which expertise and background could improve our work, and reasons for applying. Applicants have the option to provide supportive documents (resume/curriculum vitae/list of relevant experience). Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered.

Applicants have the option to indicate if they wish to be considered for multiple panels and will be prompted to rank selected panels in order of preference.  This ranking will be used in the event two or more Advisory Panel Review Teams would like to select the same applicant.

PCORI will accept third-party nominations.  Any organization wishing to make nominations should send the following materials, compiled into a single PDF, to nomination letter, CV/resume of the nominee(s), and brief bio(s).  Additional supporting materials may be included, such as letters of endorsement. PCORI may need additional information from the nominee, in which case we will contact the nominee directly. PCORI reviews all applications and nominations with an eye towards developing balanced, inclusive panels.  We encourage nominating organizations to review our application fields and consider presenting as robust a portrait of their nominee(s) as possible.



2014 Openings

The deadline for applications for 2014 openings was January 10, 2014. Applications received after this deadline will be retained and considered for future openings.

Posted December 5, 2013; Updated May 15, 2014