Get Involved

Patient and stakeholder input are critical to our success and helping to ensure that our work is truly patient centered. We are committed to continuously seeking input from the public to guide what we do. Through public comment periods, opportunities to review research applications, attending workshops and other activities, there are many ways for you to participate in PCORI’s work.  Learn more about PCORI and the fundamental role that meaningful engagement of patients and stakeholders plays in our work.

Review PCORI Funding Applications


PCORI invites professional and lay audiences to be reviewers of research applications submitted in response to PCORI funding announcements. Apply now to become a reviewer.

Hear why patients and other stakeholders are helping evaluate our funding applications.

Become an Ambassador

PCORI Ambassadors Program

The PCORI Ambassador Program aims to help patients, organizations, and other stakeholders share PCORI’s vision and mission with their communities, participate as full partners in research, and help ensure the sharing and use of information generated from PCORI-funded projects.

Suggest a Research Question

PCORI invites patients, caregivers, clinicians and all healthcare community members to submit the specific questions they would like PCORI to consider for funding.

The suggestions received will be evaluated through PCORI’s developing process to identify and prioritize specific topics to study.

Participate in PCORI Events

Christine Marchand at the Zuni Health Initiative Clinic




PCORI hosts workshops to obtain input from patients, caregivers and other stakeholders on its work. Participate in our webinar series on how PCORI is advancing patient-centered outcomes research.

Subscribe to PCORI’s mailing list to stay informed of future opportunities.

Serve on an Advisory Panel


PCORI has named representatives of stakeholder groups from across the healthcare community to help advance our scientific and engagement work through the first the PCORI Advisory Panels.

Hear why our advisory panelists are excited to be a part of the research process, and hear from PCORI staff about how the panels are helping us do research differently.

Share Your Thoughts: Public Comment 

PCORI periodically provides formal public comment periods to obtain and incorporate public input and feedback on its work, including draft reports, policies and initiatives.