PCORI Ambassador Program

The PCORI Ambassador Program unites individual and organizational Ambassadors around the promise of patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). The goal is to help patients, organizations, and other stakeholders share PCORI’s vision and mission with their communities, participate as full partners in research, and help ensure the sharing and use of information generated from PCORI-funded projects. The PCORI Ambassador Program will offer tools to:

  • Share the PCORI story;
  • Connect with other Ambassadors who share common interests to facilitate the formation of research affinity groups;
  • Help position Ambassadors as potential partners in PCORI-funded projects; and
  • Advance opportunities to participate with PCORI in a variety of engagement opportunities, including dissemination and implementation of research findings.

Click on the map below to view the ambassadors by region:

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The long-term goal of this program is to have Ambassadors in every state, extending the reach of our engagement efforts and expanding knowledge about and participation in PCOR across the country with the ultimate goal of helping patients and those who care for them to make more informed health decisions.

See our current ambassadors:
Individual Ambassadors
Organizational Ambassadors

Learn more about the program below and in our PCORI Ambassador Program Overview.


Ambassadors were given the opportunity to state their areas of interest when they applied to be an Ambassador

Have you participated in a PCORI event or initiative? Are you interested in learning more about patient-centered outcomes research and how to inform your community about making better health decisions?  Are you interested in partnering with PCORI to disseminate and implement PCOR research findings?

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Note: PCORI Ambassadors play an important role in building a patient-centered research community and have completed training relating to PCORI and meaningful patient and stakeholder engagement in research. PCORI Ambassadors are volunteers, not members or representatives or agents of PCORI. They do not speak or act on behalf of PCORI, but are partners aligned with the principles of PCORI. Statements made by Ambassadors should not be construed as statements of PCORI or statements with which PCORI necessarily agrees.


Posted October 10, 2013; Updated July 17, 2014