Guidelines for Public Comments

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) values and encourages public input. At all public meetings of the PCORI Board of Governors, a public comment period shall be included on the agenda. To ensure that public comment periods are efficient and productive, PCORI will adhere to the following guidelines:

Any member of the public wishing to provide public comment must sign up:

  • via email to at least one day prior to the start of the meeting, or
  • on site at the meeting registration desk at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the public comment portion of the agenda, if remaining time is available.

Individuals offering public comment must limit remarks to not more than three minutes. The Board Chair reserves the right to cut off individuals who exceed three minutes.

If the number of individuals who sign up to provide public comment exceeds the allotted time for comments, the Board Chair may limit individual remarks to a shorter time period.

Written testimony should be submitted to PCORI via email to

Individuals are not permitted to hand out materials to Board of Governors members during the Board meeting. Any materials individuals wish to submit to PCORI may be provided to PCORI at the meeting registration desk, submitted via email to, or mailed to PCORI at 1828 L St., NW, Suite 900, NW Washington, DC 20036.

All testimony and additional materials submitted to PCORI will be provided to appropriate Board members, Methodology Committee members, and staff for review and consideration in PCORI’s work.

Individuals represented by a common organization or association should select one individual to speak for the group.

If you require special assistance in providing comments at a PCORI Board meeting, please contact PCORI via email ( or phone (202-827-7700) prior to the meeting so that we can accommodate you.