The Asthma Evidence to Action Network (Asthma E2AN) is PCORI’s first collaborative network of awardees. The network grew out of the Healthcare Delivery and Disparities Research's Addressing Disparities targeted research initiative to improve adherence to the national asthma guidelines.

The Asthma E2AN includes asthma studies across three of PCORI's five National Priorities for Research -- Addressing Disparities, Communication and Dissemination Research, and Improving Healthcare Systems -- and the PCORI Pipeline to Proposal Awards program

The Asthma E2AN has two primary goals:

  • Enable cross-learning and information sharing among asthma awardee teams, including researchers and patient and stakeholder partners
  • Connect awardee teams with the end-users of research—that is, patients, clinicians, payers, policymakers, and others not directly involved with the research who can put findings into practice

Ultimately the Asthma E2AN aims to enhance the usefulness and relevance of asthma research, and increase the likelihood that study findings will be adopted to provide patients and caregivers with information to make informed healthcare decisions, improve the delivery of asthma care, and reduce persistent disparities in asthma outcomes.

View lists of Asthma E2AN members and projects and other online resources (research spotlight, webinars, websites, and social media) below.

Why I’m Involved: Stories from Patients Shaping Asthma Research

PCORI’s support is bringing the voice of patients, caregivers and the broader healthcare community to research. To date, PCORI has funded 16 asthma-related projects for over $59 million. The awardee teams include 12 studies conducting patient-centered comparative effectiveness research (CER), one project focusing on building a national research infrastructure, and three projects focusing on building engagement and capacity for research and sharing research findings.

PCORI’s Asthma Evidence to Action Network (E2AN) launched in 2014 with one goal of engaging awardees, including researchers and patient/caregiver and stakeholder partners across PCORI to facilitate cross learning and collaboration.

To facilitate engagement of patient/caregiver partners and bring their stories to life, we decided to capture their experiences in shaping asthma CER. We spoke with three patient/caregiver partners from different projects and asked them questions about partnering on research projects.

This video can be used by awardee teams when recruiting new patient/caregiver partners to share their important contribution to the research, when familiarizing research team members to patient-centered CER, and when sharing information about the research project. It conveys the power of participatory research for the research community, policy makers, funders and the general public.

Network Members & Projects

Using Information Technology to Improve Access, Communication and Asthma in African American and Hispanic /Latino Adults

Clinic-Based vs. Home-Based Support to Improve Care and Outcomes for Older Asthmatics

Imperial County Asthma Comparative Effectiveness Research Project

The Houston Home-based Integrated Intervention Targeting Better Asthma Control (HIIT-BAC) for African Americans

Guidelines to Practice (G2P): Reducing Asthma Health Disparities through Guideline Implementation

The Coordinated Healthcare Interventions for Childhood Asthma Gaps in Outcomes (CHICAGO) Trial

Preference and Effectiveness of Symptom-Based Adjustment of Inhaled Corticosteroid Therapy in African American Children

Parent-Centered Innovations to Improve Adherence in At-Risk Youth with Asthma

Comparing Traditional and Participatory Dissemination of a Shared Decision Making Intervention

Redesigning Ambulatory Care Delivery to Enhance Asthma Control in Children

Promoting Patient-Centered Research in the Puget Sound Asthma Coalition - Tier II

Puget Sound Asthma Coalition: A Community, Clinical, and Academic Partnership (Tier I)

The Hispanic Family Asthma Outcomes Research Network - Tier II

The Hispanic Family Asthma Outcomes Research Network (Tier I)

Chicago Area Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network (CAPriCORN)


Online Resources

Research Spotlight

View/download the PCORI Research Spotlight on asthma.



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Posted: June 12, 2015; Updated: June 28, 2016

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