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Engagement Award April 2024 Cycle Funding Announcements Open

The Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program is now accepting applications for the April 2024 Cycle PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs). The Engagement Award Program supports projects that encourage active, meaningful…

Addressing the Needs of Older Adults Through Patient-Centered CER

Rapid advancement in pharmacology and technology as well as the growing population of older adults and evolving federal policy point to an urgent need to generate, disseminate and implement robust evidence that can be put into practice in the field of gerontology. Panelists at the 2023 PCORI Annual Meeting discussed PCORI’s substantial investment in CER focused on palliative care, healthy aging and more, and how PCORI’s patient-centered approach enables older adults and their support systems to have a significant contribution.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Tailored Interventions to Improve Health and Reduce Inequities

Through one-on-one conversations, small group meetings and large stakeholder convenings with people with IDD and their caregivers as well as researchers, clinicians and advocacy organizations, PCORI continues to understand priorities of people with IDD and those who support and care for them. In a recent discussion during the 2023 PCORI Annual Meeting, panelists discussed the spectrum of PCORI’s funded research aimed at improving mental health in individuals with IDD and the vital role of patient partners in this work.

How to Use PCORnet® in Your Research

Many researchers in the PCORI community have taken full command of their research by utilizing the wealth of resources now available through PCORnet ® , the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research…

PCORI Creates New Funding Opportunity: Topical PFA

PCORI is introducing a new type of funding opportunity seeking to fund high-quality, comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) focused on 12 Board-approved Topic Themes. These funding opportunities offered as Topical…

Improving Maternal Health Through Engagement

In response to the increasing crises of over 700 maternal deaths and nearly 73,000 reported cases of maternal morbidity occurring in the United States as recently as 2022, maternal morbidity…

Tracy Wang, MD, MHS, MSc Joins PCORI

PCORI is delighted to welcome Tracy Wang, MD, MHS, MSc as Chief, Comparative Clinical Effectiveness Research (CER). Wang will draw upon her clinical expertise as a cardiologist and her extensive…

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