PCORI sought a Request for Quotation for a "Wikipedian-in-Residence" to serve as:

  1. An editor of proposed content for Wikipedia pages based on findings from PCORI-funded research, and
  2. A facilitator for others proposing such content.

View more details below. This was an ongoing request for services, with a minimum commitment of 12 months. Other requirements: Should be willing to travel as needed. Expected to comply with both PCORI’s and Wikipedia’s policies and procedures (including PCORI's Conflict of Interest policy and Wikipedia's Conflict of Interest policy as described in "Wikipedia: Plain and Simple Conflict of Interest Guide").

Award Date: February 5, 2019
Successful Offeror: Dr. Jeffery Keefer
Award Amount: $20,000

More Details

The Wikipedian-In-Residence supports PCORI’s D&I Program and performs the following roles and responsibilities.

In connection with editing and adding content to Wikipedia:

  • Understand the structure of Wikipedia as well as its policies and procedures
  • Understand how the results of PCORI-funded research can be disseminated through Wikipedia to increase awareness of PCORI-funded research results and the public’s motivation and interest in using them
  • Identify relevant sources (e.g., primary/secondary sources, systematic reviews, etc.) of PCORI-funded research to add to Wikipedia
  • Identify articles on Wikipedia and add content, edit, and update that reference or incorporate relevant PCORI-funded research results
  • Interact with the Wikipedia community
  • Address questions and interact with PCORI staff as needed
  • Provide a monthly status report to PCORI (reports include information and data analytics on Wikipedia pages edited, content generated, PCORI-funded research results included on Wikipedia, descriptions of interactions with the Wikipedia community, and all other relevant analytics (page views, etc.)
  • Keep information on Wikipedia up to date as new PCORI-funded research results become available.

As a facilitator:

  • Convene and facilitate meetings, trainings, and editing sessions (edit-a-thons) with diverse audiences, including PCORI staff, medical students, and other audiences identified in collaboration with the PCORI D&I Program team
  • Coordinate with and act as a resource to other health-related organizations/medical associations or societies with an interest in improving the presentation of evidence on Wikipedia.

Posted: June 4, 2020

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