We bring together all healthcare stakeholders to help us identify and prioritize research topics and questions, review funding applications, and share the study results with those who need them. Patients and stakeholders are part of all of our awardees’ study teams. We believe that the inclusion of patients and other stakeholders throughout the research process leads to trustworthy and usable information likely to be taken up in practice.

Find out more about PCORI's Public and Patient Engagement focus and funding opportunities under our Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards initiative.

Public and Patient Engagement

PCORI's Public and Patient Engagement team guides and supports the engagement methods and activities in the planning, conduct, and dissemination phases of our funded research portfolio.

PCORI Engagement Awards

These projects are designed to increase meaningful engagement of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders by expanding their knowledge and skills and creating opportunities to build connections and share research findings.

What's Happening at PCORI?

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute sends weekly emails highlighting results of our funded studies, newly funded research and engagement awards, opportunities to apply for funding, stakeholder workshops, and original feature stories about our funded projects.

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