The PCORI Strategic Plan

Generating Evidence to Achieve More Efficient, Effective, and Equitable Health Care and Improve Health for All

The PCORI Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for our activities in the years ahead as we pursue our vision and mission.
Developed with extensive stakeholder input, the Plan articulates a refined focus on generating patient-centered evidence that has the greatest positive impact on health outcomes.

A Conversation with Our Leadership on the Strategic Plan

PCORI's Executive Director and our Board's former Chairperson and former Vice Chairperson discuss the Plan’s importance and effort to answer questions critical to helping patients and others make decisions at the point where they are most important.

A Bold and Ambitious Plan

A Focus on Improving Outcomes

Building a Better Research Process

A Bold Vision for PCORI's Future

Our Strategic Plan builds on our past work and outlines a bold approach to addressing the challenges that our complex, fast-changing healthcare system poses to the communities we serve. The Plan was developed with extensive stakeholder input, including individual and group discussions and informal and formal convenings. At the center is a continuing focus on monitoring and assessing the fast-evolving conditions across the healthcare and research landscape to enable us to be nimble and adapt to focus on the most effective ways to address emerging and pressing healthcare issues affecting our nation.

PCORI’s strategic planning process also provided the opportunity to reflect on our long-standing commitment to accelerating diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in all aspects of our activities. PCORI is committed to broadening and diversifying the community that leads and participates in health research as a path to using the evidence generated to improve care and outcomes for patients traditionally underserved by the healthcare system.

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PCORI's National Priorities for Health

The plan centers around a comprehensive set of mutually reinforcing goals that focus on impact and drive research funding and other initiatives to improve patient-centered care and health outcomes.

The breadth of the National Priorities for Health allows for agility and responsiveness to both foreseen and unforeseen changes in the healthcare landscape. Although each priority is important on its own, taken together they will allow PCORI to leverage our work, and strengthen relationships with patients and stakeholders, to address the health and healthcare challenges facing the nation today and in the years ahead.

More about Our National Priorities for Health

A Holistic Approach to Generating and Disseminating Patient-Centered CER

PCORI takes a unique approach to generating and promoting the use of patient-centered evidence in support of a more patient-centered healthcare system. The essential elements of our work are comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) funding, stakeholder engagement, dissemination and implementation of research results, and investments to enhance the nation’s health research infrastructure. Pursued together, these components will facilitate the achievement of our mission.

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Patient-Centered CER

Funding of patient-centered CER is one of the critical ways PCORI will advance the National Priorities for Health.

The Research Agenda is the framework that will inform and guide the development of a research portfolio that addresses unmet evidence needs of patients, caregivers, and stakeholders.

Our accompanying Research Project Agenda will extend and build a portfolio of funded research topics relevant to addressing the National Priorities for Health.

More about Patient-Centered CER


Meaningful engagement with the communities we serve, especially patients who traditionally played little or no formal role within the research enterprise, is at the core of everything we do. This core focus is grounded in the belief that involving patients, caregivers, and all stakeholders across the continuum of PCORI’s work results in research that is more likely to be useful, relevant, and trustworthy.

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Dissemination and Implementation

PCORI is uniquely focused on dissemination and facilitating the uptake of funded research results that are relevant to needs and accessible for use in making informed decisions about health and health care. This aspect of our work—direct efforts to support the implementation of results from funded studies—is often not a focus within health research.

PCORI is developing a better understanding of how different approaches to disseminating and implementing new findings may differ by population subgroups and how to use that understanding to inform patients and their caregivers in meaningful and timely ways.

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Enhancing the infrastructure needed for patient-centered CER is essential and includes several components such as advancing the science and methods of CER, supporting technical tools to make research more efficient, and supporting the health research workforce.

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Measuring Success and Monitoring Progress

As a learning organization, PCORI is committed to evaluating and monitoring our activities to promote continuous improvement. We will use a range of strategies to assess our portfolio of research findings and related projects, as well as our progress on advancing the National Priorities for Health.

More about Measuring Success and Monitoring Progress


PCORI Leadership by PCORI Executive Director Nakela L. Cook, MD, MPH.

PCORI's Strategic Plan: What's Next?

Leadership Perspective: PCORI's Executive Director looks ahead to some of the ways PCORI will use this roadmap as our attention turns to implementation planning and developing an evaluation strategy.

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