PCORI is uniquely focused on disseminating and facilitating the uptake of funded research results that are relevant to needs and accessible for use in making informed decisions about health and health care. This aspect of our work—direct efforts to support the implementation of results from funded studies, contextualized appropriately within the existing evidence base, in real-world clinical settings—is often not a focus within health research.

Doing this requires a comprehensive approach to leverage traditional dissemination and implementation channels, such as major professional and lay audience health organizations and media outlets.

PCORI invested in a set of initiatives to fund and support dissemination of the growing body of results from our funded studies that have the greatest potential for impact on practice. We developed new information resources, such as PCORI Evidence Updates, systematic reviews, and Evidence Synthesis Reports to augment our funded research portfolio by providing the kind of information stakeholders need to inform clinical and policy decisions.

Our efforts will continue to draw on available evidence and best practices in the fields of dissemination and implementation science and health communication. This will include:

  • Work to better understand how different approaches to disseminating and implementing new findings about the benefits or harms of healthcare options in practice may differ by population subgroups
  • How to apply that understanding to inform patients and their caregivers in meaningful and timely ways

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