PCORI’s focus on engagement is grounded in the belief that involving key health and healthcare decision makers, including patients and those who care for them, across the continuum of PCORI’s work makes it more likely that the studies we fund will address research questions most relevant to them. PCORI’s intent is that as a result of this inclusion the research findings generated will be useful, relevant, and trustworthy for decision makers, and therefore more likely to be used in daily practice.

Several tools will guide our future engagement work including:

  • Building on our past efforts to advance the practice and the science of engagement by evaluating the impact of different engagement practices on PCORI-funded research.
  • Another tools is a set of foundational expectations for partnerships that are intended to provide high-level guidance to ensure that equity and inclusion is an explicit goal of all research partnerships.
  • Expanding our collection of resources designed to help train researchers and patients to build more effective research teams and broaden the community of individuals and groups involved in health research.
  • Promoting partnerships amongst researchers, patients, their caregivers, and other stakeholders in developing research proposals and throughout the lifecycle of funded activities.

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