A Holistic Approach

PCORI's holistic approach to generating and promoting the use of evidence is designed to enable a more patient-centered system of health. The essential elements of this approach are patient-centered CER funding, stakeholder engagement, dissemination and implementation of research results, and investments to enhance the nation's health research infrastructure.

In guiding our CER funding specifically, PCORI also recognizes the need to address key drivers of health found beyond the purely clinical sphere, including those social, cultural, and environmental issues in the real world in which patients live, work, learn, and play. These drivers also include geographic differences between populations and the impacts of those differences on individuals’ health.

This broader vision of PCORI's potential contributions is a natural evolution of PCORI's growth, building on the deepening relationships and robust collaboration with stakeholders across the healthcare community that have guided us from our establishment.

At the heart of these elements is a set of ambitious long-term goals—PCORI's National Priorities for Health.

What's Happening at PCORI?

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