As a learning organization, PCORI is committed to monitoring and evaluating our activities to promote continuous improvement.

Our evaluation plan will detail measures of progress to inform our assessment of how our work is advancing the National Priorities for Health.

Several principles will guide our work and enable our evaluation strategies to be:

  • Grounded in PCORI’s mission and focused on PCORI’s goal to improve health outcomes
  • Guided by PCORI’s Strategic Plan
  • Responsive to stakeholder interests regarding PCORI’s work
  • Shaped by a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Designed to support a culture of data-driven decision making
  • Transparent, timely, and patient centered
  • Inclusive of a variety of designs, methods, and disciplines

Addressing both basic and complex questions about our activities will inform measures of PCORI’s success in meeting its broader goals. The purpose of our evaluation approach within the Strategic Plan is to convey transparently the progress and contributions made through PCORI’s initiatives to achieve our mission, as well as to understand the value that PCORI’s work brings to the stakeholders we serve.

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