Our National Priorities for Health are a comprehensive set of mutually reinforcing goals that focus on impact and drive research funding and other initiatives to improve patient care and health outcomes. The breadth of the goals allows for flexibility, agility, and responsiveness to both foreseen and unforeseen changes in the healthcare landscape.

Although each priority is important on its own, taken together they will allow PCORI to leverage our work, and strengthen relationships with patients and stakeholders, to address the health and healthcare challenges facing the nation today and in the years ahead.


  Increase Evidence for Existing Interventions and Emerging Innovations in Health
Goal: Strengthen and expand ongoing comparative clinical effectiveness research focused on both existing interventions and emerging innovations to improve healthcare practice, health outcomes, and health equity.



  Enhance Infrastructure to Accelerate Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
Goal: Enhance the infrastructure that facilitates patient-centered outcomes research to drive lasting improvements in health and transformation of both the research enterprise and care delivery.



  Advance the Science of Dissemination, Implementation, and Health Communication
Goal: Advance the scientific evidence for and the practice of dissemination, implementation, and health communication to accelerate the effective sharing of comparative clinical effectiveness research results for public understanding and uptake into practice.



  Achieve Health Equity
Goal: Expand stakeholder engagement, research, and dissemination approaches that lead to continued progress toward achieving health equity in the United States.



  Accelerate Progress Toward an Integrated Learning Health System
Goal: Foster actionable, timely, place-based, and transformative improvements in patient-centered experiences, care provision, and ultimately improved health outcomes through collaborative, multisectoral research to support a health system that understands and serves the needs and preferences of individuals.


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