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PCORI’s congressional authorization requires identification of National Priorities for Health and establishment of a Research Agenda outlining how PCORI will address each national priority. These documents guide our work.

The Research Agenda, adopted March 8, 2022, provides the framework for advancing PCORI’s National Priorities for Health through comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) by informing the development of a broad portfolio of patient-centered research to address unmet information and evidence needs of patients, caregivers, and other healthcare system stakeholders in making personalized health and healthcare decisions across a wide range of conditions and treatments. While the Research Agenda is expected to inform the entire portfolio of CER activities for PCORI, it is not intended to specify individual research topics or projects. This will occur through a more specific Research Project Agenda.

The Research Project Agenda will identify research topics (e.g., intellectual and developmental disabilities and maternal morbidity and mortality) and questions to pursue through funding. The Research Project Agenda will be continuously updated to maintain relevance to evidence needs through ongoing stakeholder engagement.

Developing the Research Agenda

In December 2021, the PCORI Board of Governors voted to release for public comment its proposed Research Agenda, which provided the proposed framework for achieving progress on the National Priorities for Health specifically through the strategy of funding CER and supported PCORI’s unique space in the health research landscape.

The proposed Research Agenda was developed in consultation with stakeholders encompassing numerous perspectives and experiences in the US healthcare ecosystem and builds on PCORI’s work in its first decade. The feedback and input gathered during the December 10, 2021 to January 31, 2022 public comment period was considered when finalizing the Research Agenda. Click here to read a summary of the feedback we received and PCORI's response.

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PCORI's Research Agenda

Posted: December 10, 2021; Updated: July 29, 2022

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