PCORI’s congressional authorization requires identification of National Priorities for Health and establishment of a Research Agenda outlining how PCORI will address each priority. These documents guide our work.

The Research Agenda is designed to have complementary, broad areas of research and advance all the National Priorities for Health. The agenda is expected to describe and inform the entire portfolio of research activities for PCORI but is not intended to specify individual research topics or projects.

The Research Agenda will guide PCORI in considering and prioritizing comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) opportunities important for shaping the development of a more specific Research Project Agenda. The Research Project Agenda will identify research topics (e.g., intellectual and developmental disabilities and maternal morbidity and mortality) and questions to pursue through funding. The Research Project Agenda will be continuously updated to maintain relevance to evidence needs through ongoing stakeholder engagement.

In December 2021, the PCORI Board of Governors voted to release for public comment its proposed Research Agenda, which provides the framework for achieving progress on the National Priorities for Health specifically through the strategy of funding CER and supports PCORI’s unique space in the health research landscape.

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The proposed Research Agenda was developed in consultation with stakeholders encompassing numerous perspectives and experiences in the US healthcare ecosystem and builds on PCORI’s work in its first decade. The feedback and input gathered during this public comment period will be considered in finalizing the Research Agenda.


PCORI's Research Agenda

In June 2021, the PCORI Board of Governors voted to release for public comment five proposed National Priorities for Health. PCORI will work toward these broad, ambitious goals through our Research Agenda, stakeholder engagement, dissemination and implementation efforts, and health communication. These National Priorities for Health represent an ambitious new approach to direct our work in the years ahead.

After a 60-day public comment period in the summer of 2021 and various meetings and regional convenings on research and health, PCORI refined the proposed National Priorities for Health to reflect the substantial input received from a wide range of stakeholders. On October 26, 2021, PCORI’s Board of Governors adopted the National Priorities for Health, which will serve as the foundation for developing PCORI’s Research Agenda, which we intend to present for public comment in December 2021.

Research Agenda: A Closer Look

Here are the proposed Research Agenda statements:

  • Fund research that fills patient- and stakeholder-prioritized evidence gaps and is representative of diverse patient populations and settings
  • Fund research that aims to achieve health equity and eliminate health and healthcare disparities
  • Fund research that builds the evidence base for emerging interventions by leveraging the full range of data resources and partnerships
  • Fund research that examines the diverse burdens and clinical and economic impacts important to patients and other stakeholders
  • Fund research that focuses on health promotion and illness prevention by addressing health drivers that occur where people live, work, learn, and play
  • Fund research that integrates implementation science and that advances approaches for communicating evidence so the public can access, understand, and act on research findings

Read the Proposed Research Agenda

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Submit via email to [email protected].

You can share your input through a voice message. Dial 202-987-5000 to tell us what you think about the priorities and what is important to you. All messages will be transcribed and the recordings themselves subsequently deleted. Though not required, please feel free to share your name and organization. It would be very helpful to know which community you feel you represent, such as patients or clinicians (learn about how PCORI defines stakeholders). Your input will be used to develop our new strategic plan. Your name and any identifying information about you will never be used or produced externally. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

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