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Frequently Asked Questions

PCORI Help Center

The PCORI Help Center includes a searchable knowledge base of frequently asked questions for applicants, reviewers, and awardees.

In addition, you might find helpful information through the following:

Applicant and Awardee FAQs Related to COVID-19 | Awardee Resources
Funding Opportunities FAQs | Prospective/Current Reviewer FAQs

Questions About Your Research Application?

Do you have technical, administrative, or programmatic questions relating to a funding application? Contact us at [email protected] or complete an inquiry form to schedule a call with our program staff. For questions about the application process, templates or a technical question, please email us for a faster response.

Please note that PCORI is only authorized to discuss the application with the PI, PI Designee, and the AO listed on the application.

Questions About Public and Patient Engagement?

For questions about how PCORI-funded projects meaningfully engage patients and the public in research or how healthcare stakeholders can engage throughout PCORI’s full range of activities, please contact us at [email protected] or view the Engagement section of our website.

Questions About Engagement Awards?

For questions about the Engagement Award application processes, technical assistance with the online application system, application deadlines, or any other related issues, please contact us at [email protected]. We will provide a response within three business days.

Questions About Dissemination and Implementation?

Do you have questions about our initiatives to promote the uptake of PCORI research findings to improve patient care and outcomes? Please view our webpage or email us at [email protected].

Questions About Open Access to Journal Articles Presenting PCORI Research Findings?

For questions about how to request PCORI payment of journal fees to provide free public access to qualified publications, or for questions about depositing accepted manuscripts in PubMed Central, please view the Awardee Resources page or email us at [email protected].

Questions About PCORI Procurement?

  • Please email us at [email protected].
  • We periodically issue Requests for Proposals, Requests for Information, and Requests for Quotations for services to support our general operations. View current requests.
  • We administer other funding opportunities that might include support for developing and managing a wide range of research and engagement activities. View current opportunities.

Questions About the PCORI Ambassador Program?

For questions about PCORI’s Ambassador Program or for more information on applying to become an Ambassador, please view our webpage or contact us at [email protected].

Important Notice: Phone Scam (Spoofing) Attempts Using PCORI Phone Numbers

PCORI has recently become aware that unknown scammers are spoofing (faking) PCORI’s office phone numbers (e.g., 202-827-7700, 202-627-1885) while making fraudulent telephone calls. Individuals who receive these fraudulent calls are being told that they have won a grant, or some other message. These calls are not coming from PCORI and the callers should not be trusted.

Click here for more information about what you can do.

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