To help us examine our research portfolio, we finalized a taxonomy to describe and categorize our funded studies. Since FY 2016, we have used this taxonomy to analyze a range of project characteristics, including disease condition, population, health outcomes addressed, and study design. Our taxonomy also helps us to identify gaps in knowledge that our funded research could fill. Supporting PCORI’s emphasis on reducing research waste and enhancing efficiency, these analyses ensure that the work we fund meets information needs efficiently by addressing important questions without duplicating ongoing research.

We also examine the characteristics of the funded investigators associated with PCORI to ensure PCORI projects have the benefit of different perspectives such as researcher specialty and career stage.

Meeting the needs of healthcare stakeholders is a critical goal of PCORI funding. From its inception PCORI has collected input from many quarters on what research should be funded. We track funded projects against these recommendations and against recommendations made by national deliberative bodies like the Institute of Medicine.

With this information, we can identify gaps in research funding to help us make strategic decisions about how to prioritize topics for future funding.

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