Why is PCORI soliciting nominations for the Methodology Committee?
A key provision of PCORI’s 2019 reauthorizing law shifted responsibility for appointing Methodology Committee members from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to the PCORI Board of Governors (Board).

What is the composition of the Methodology Committee?
The Methodology Committee is comprised of up to 15 members appointed by the Board. In addition to the members appointed by the Board, the Directors of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and of the National Institutes of Health (or their designees) also serve on the Methodology Committee. The Methodology Committee Chair and Vice Chair are nominated by PCORI’s Governance Committee from among and in consultation with Methodology Committee members. The Board appoints the Chair and Vice Chair of the Methodology Committee.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Methodology Committee members?
The Methodology Committee is a resource for PCORI and makes recommendations to the Board regarding methods for PCOR in alignment with the future state vision described above. This includes developing high-quality methodological standards to guide the conduct of PCOR, establishing priorities to address gaps in research methods or their applications, and facilitating the utilization of standards and cutting-edge methods in PCOR.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Methodology Committee Chair? Vice Chair?
The Committee Chair is responsible for leading the members and activities of the Committee to ensure that the goals and objectives are met. In the absence of the Committee Chair, the Committee Vice Chair assumes these responsibilities.

What is the time commitment required of Methodology Committee members?
Methodology Committee members are expected to participate in monthly meetings, as needed. In addition, Methodology Committee members should anticipate the time that will be required to review materials prior to a meeting and complete assigned work, if any, following a meeting. Periodically, Methodology Committee members also may be invited to participate in special projects requiring an additional time commitment.

What is the term of service for Methodology Committee members?
Methodology Committee members serve for four years. The Board is authorized to appoint Methodology Committee members to a second 4-year term to the extent necessary to fulfill the functions of the Methodology Committee, requirements of the authorizing law, or PCORI’s needs. No Methodology Committee member can be appointed to serve more than two full consecutive 4-year terms.

NOTE: For this inaugural appointment cycle, the term of service may be more or less than four years in order to transition to a staggered 4-year term cycle with appointments of a portion of Methodology Committee members every two years.


What are the qualifications for service on the Methodology Committee?
Per PCORI’s Authorizing Law, Methodology Committee members shall be experts in their scientific field, such as (but not limited to) health services research, clinical research, comparative clinical effectiveness research, biostatistics, genomics, and research methodologies.

PCORI is seeking new members of the Methodology Committee with expertise in the scientific fields described in the Authorizing Law, as well as new and emerging areas such as analysis of potential burdens and economic impacts to patients and caregivers; bioethics; data science and informatics; decision science; diversity, equity, and inclusion; engagement science, including community-based participatory research; health literacy/numeracy and risk communication; implementation science, including health system science; program evaluation; research rigor and reproducibility; and social determinants of health.

Conflicts of Interest

Are individuals required to disclose any potential conflict of interest prior to or once appointed to serve on the Methodology Committee?
Nominees are expected to disclose their conflicts of interest as part of the nomination process. If appointed, Methodology Committee members are expected to disclose their conflicts of interest, which will be made publicly available by PCORI, and to comply with PCORI’s conflict of interest policies and procedures.

Does service on the Methodology Committee disqualify individuals from applying for PCORI funding?
All newly appointed Methodology Committee members will be required to forego the opportunity to apply for PCORI funding during their term on the Methodology Committee, and for a specified period of time thereafter, consistent with PCORI’s Conflict of Interest Policy Relating to PCORI Funding for Members of the Board of Governors, Members of the Methodology Committee, and Employees.

Nomination Process

What is the nomination process for the Methodology Committee?
Individuals interested in being considered for appointment to the Methodology Committee must complete the nomination form and upload all required supporting documentation by 5:00pm ET on Friday, July 29, 2022.

Who should submit a third-party nomination?
Individuals nominated by an individual or organization must complete their own nomination and upload the letter of support from the third party, where indicated on the nomination form.

Review of Nominations and Selection Process

What criteria are used to select Methodology Committee members?
The review and selection process considers the nominee’s depth and breadth of expertise, both the areas outlined in the Authorizing Law and new and emerging areas identified. Each nominee’s capability to contribute to the work of the Methodology Committee and the development of PCOR methods, ability to advance the future state vision of the Methodology Committee, and commitment to advancing the mission and goals of PCORI will be considered.

When are nominees notified of the status of their nomination?
Once all nominations have been reviewed, a slate of nominees recommended for appointment is prepared. Prior to submitting the slate to the Board for consideration, the nominees recommended for appointment will be asked to confirm their willingness to serve. Nominees who are not recommended for appointment will be notified before the slate is presented to the Board for consideration.


Are Methodology Committee members compensated for their time?
The Board & Methodology Committee Compensation and Reimbursement Policy establishes rules for the compensation and reimbursement of members of the Board and Methodology Committee in accordance with PCORI’s authorizing law and PCORI’s Bylaws. Methodology Committee members who are not federal employees are eligible for compensation.

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