The most recent call for nominations for new members on the PCORI Methodology Committee closed on Friday, July 29, 2022.

Before You Submit a Nomination

Before submitting a nomination for the Methodology Committee, please review the Methodology Committee Charter, the following information, and visit the links below:

  • Individual Commitment.
    Methodology Committee members must be committed to serving the full 4-year term and have demonstrated contributions to methodology and PCOR.
  • Support of your Employer.
    Methodology Committee members serve on the Committee in their individual capacity and do not specifically represent their employers or other institutions. However, serving on the Methodology Committee is a significant commitment. As such, potential nominees are encouraged to confirm they have their employers’ support to serve on the Methodology Committee and ensure their employers understand that if appointed, they will not directly represent their employer.
  • Conflict of Interest.
    Methodology Committee members will be expected to comply with PCORI’s conflict of interest policies and procedures. Nominees are expected to disclose their conflicts of interest as part of the nomination process. If appointed, Methodology Committee members are expected to disclose their conflicts of interest, which will be made publicly available by PCORI.
  • Eligibility for PCORI Funding.
    All new Methodology Committee members appointed through this nomination cycle will be required to forego the opportunity to apply for PCORI funding during their term on the Methodology Committee and for a specified period of time thereafter, consistent with PCORI’s Conflict of Interest Policy Relating to PCORI Funding for Members of the Board of Governors, Members of the Methodology Committee, and Employees.

Third-Party Nominations

PCORI accepts, but does not require, third-party nominations for the Methodology Committee. To nominate someone, an individual or organization should send a letter of support to the individual they are nominating.

Nominators are encouraged to review the nomination form for guidance on presenting as robust a portrait of the nominee as possible.

Once nominated, all nominees must complete their own nomination form, conflict of interest disclosure form, and upload the nominator’s letter of support, where indicated on the nomination form.

Review of Nominations* and Appointment Process

Areas of Expertise

  • Analysis of potential burdens and economic impacts to patients and caregivers
  • Bioethics
  • Data science and informatics
  • Decision science
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Engagement science, including communitybased participatory research
  • Health literacy/numeracy and risk communication
  • Implementation science, including health system science
  • Program evaluation
  • Research rigor and reproducibility
  • Social determinants of health

PCORI considers nominations in several stages that consider the nominee’s depth and breadth of expertise, both the areas outlined in the Authorizing Law and new and emerging areas identified. (see box on right)

Each nominee’s capability to contribute to the work of the Methodology Committee and the development of PCOR methods, ability to advance the future state vision of the Methodology Committee, and commitment to advancing the mission and goals of PCORI will be considered.


The slate of recommended appointees is expected to be presented to the Board for consideration at their meeting in December 2022.

*To mitigate potential conflicts of interest, review panel members are required to recuse themselves from the review of any nomination when there is a mitigating factor (e.g., have or have had a personal or professional relationship, active collaboration, or position of authority/management).

How to Submit a Nomination

We anticipate that completing the nomination will take approximately 60-90 minutes. You  have the option to save your nomination and return to it later by clicking “Save.” 

The nomination includes the following required elements:

  • Nomination Form, which consists of both multiple-choice and open form questions;
  • Signed Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Methodology Committee members;
  • CV or resume;
  • Brief bio; and
  • Letter of support (required for third-party nominations; optional for self-nominations).

Incomplete nominations will not be reviewed.

Nominees have the option of submitting up to three additional supporting documents from individuals or organizations.

Please click the "Submit a Nomination” button below to sign in and begin your nomination. You can save your nomination and return to it later by clicking "Save." If you are new to PCORI, you need to first register your account by clicking the New User link.

If you have questions, please email us at [email protected].

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Posted: June 1, 2022; Updated: July 30, 2022

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