PCORI is a learning organization dedicated to ongoing review of the research we support and the information we provide to ensure that it is clear, accurate, relevant, evidence-based, and current.  We also are dedicated to transparency, openness and meaningful stakeholder engagement as a core component of our work.

As a result, we may, at our discretion, routinely update the reports, summaries, analyses, and other programmatic material that we post on our web site or otherwise make available either as a result of our own review or in response to comment and feedback from stakeholder groups and individuals.

Any decision to update such material will be made by a review group comprised of PCORI senior executive and scientific staff and at least one representative of the committee that created, advised on, reviewed, or approved the document or other content under consideration for updating or revision. Additional committee members may be asked to review potential updates as well, at the discretion of PCORI’s executive staff.

Information may be updated for reasons including (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Factual errors.
  2. Improper use of language.
  3. Lack of clarity in analyses, conceptual, or interpretive language or conclusions.
  4. Changes in circumstances, such as actions by PCORI’s Board of Governors or committees, that render information we’ve posted out of date.
  5. The availability of evidence not available or considered prior to research or information being posted.
  6. A request for a revision or update from the author of posted content.

Updates or revisions will be clearly noted within the original and updated documents on PCORI’s web site, along with an explanation of the nature of and reason for the change and a link to the original content, which will remain archived the site. A note alerting web site visitors that information has been updated will be placed on the site’s home page with a link to the updated document.

PCORI’s Executive Director will seek Board of Governors review and approval of updates or revisions to Board-approved policies or documents, such as certain reports produced by PCORI committees.

Note: This policy won’t necessarily apply in the case of minor errors in standardized content that might appear on our site, such as staff listings, historic, and other administrative information. In such cases, the Director of Communications has the authority to make any needed corrections or revisions.

For more information about this policy or questions about our public comment or stakeholder engagement process and procedures, please contact Tasha Parker, PCORI’s Director of Communications, at [email protected].

Posted: April 20, 2012; Updated: June 30, 2014

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