Learn more about our work, the research we fund, and our programs and initiatives.

PCORI's Research Funding

Find out what type of research PCORI supports and what we have funded.

Research Done Differently

We're committed to a new approach to health research. Learn how it’s different.

Better Research Through Engagement

Find out what we mean by engagement, how PCORI engages patients and other healthcare stakeholders, and how we encourage others to do so.

Initiatives to Support Stakeholder Decision Making

Learn more about PCORI initiatives to build an understanding of existing evidence, comparative effectiveness research, patient-centered outcomes research, infrastructure development, and stakeholder engagement.

State by State Portfolios of PCORI-Funded Projects

Learn more about awarded projects in various states, including a information about the awardees, community partners, and conditions the studies focus on.

Highlights of PCORI-Funded Research Results

Since PCORI began funding research in 2012, a growing number of our funded research studies have produced important results that are being summarized in leading medical journals and presented at major scientific meetings.

Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program

The Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program provides a platform to increase patient and stakeholder engagement in research.

PCORI Ambassador Program

Learn more about the PCORI Ambassador Program, which was developed following an October 2012 workshop about transforming patient-centered research, with a goal of shifting the culture of health research to be more patient centered.

Targeted Funding Announcements

Learn more about our research on specific, high-priority topics likely to have a substantial impact on practice and patient outcomes.

Pragmatic Clinical Studies Initiative

Learn more about this funding opportunity aimed at comparing outcomes of two or more interventions to healthcare issues faced by patients.

Dissemination & Implementation

Read how we’re speeding up the process of getting the word out on results from our funded projects.

Evidence Synthesis

PCORI’s initiative to evaluate all relevant completed studies on a question or topic to clarify what is known and what evidence gaps need to be filled.

The PCORI Application Process

Learn how to apply for PCORI funding, with listings of applicant resources, frequently asked questions, and keys for success.

Become a PCORI Peer Reviewer

We encourage interested patients, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, and other healthcare stakeholders to sign on to become Peer Reviewers. We want to ensure that research studies funded by PCORI are held to the highest standards of scientific integrity and usefulness to stakeholders.

Help Wanted - PCORI Reviewers

We invite patients, scientists, and other healthcare stakeholders to help us review applications for funding.

Improving the Science and Methods of PCOR

Learn more about how we are supporting the development and use of the best methods for patient-centered outcomes research.

PCORnet®, The National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network

Learn what networks are part of this coalition and how it will support clinical research.

PCORnet’s First Observational Studies

Find out more about research to address questions on the treatment and prevention of obesity.

The PCORnet ADAPTABLE Aspirin Study

Read about this study that will help determine the best dose of aspirin to use to prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with heart disease.

PCORI maintains a robust portfolio of patient-centered outcomes research that addresses a variety of high-priority conditions and topics.
Explore our research in several of these areas.

What's Happening at PCORI?

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