The Advisory Panel on Addressing Disparities convened January 13 and 14, 2014, to provide further input on the program’s conceptual framework; discuss progress on previously prioritized topics; prioritize research topics against PCORI’s research criteria; and select a subset of topics for further consideration. Topic briefs developed to support the research prioritization process are listed below.

Download Topics 1- 6

Download Topics 7- 13

Topic 1: Innovative Outreach to Enhance Utilization of Mental Health Services

Topic 2:Access to Mental Health Services in Rural Areas

Topic 3: Integration of Mental and Behavioral Health Services into Primary Care Settings

Topic 4: Improving the Continuum of Care for Patients with Disabilities

Topic 5: Effective Communication for People with Disabilities

Topic 6: Multi-level Interventions to Enhance Cancer Survivorship

Topic 7: Care Coordination for Special Needs Patients

Topic 8: Care Coordination in Primary Care

Topic 9: Telemedicine for Rural Cardiovascular Care

Topic 10: Telemedicine for Rural Mental Health Care

Topic 11: Breast cancer Screening for High-Risk Women

Topic 12: Rural Trauma Care

Topic 13: Complementary Medicine for Juvenile Cancer Patients

On April 19 and 20, 2013, the Advisory Panel on Addressing Disparities convened for training and initial discussions about research prioritization. Learn more.

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