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PCORI's Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement was approved by our Board of Governors to help guide our work. This panel and the other advisory panels are instrumental in helping us refine and prioritize research questions, provide needed scientific and technical expertise, offer input on other issues relevant to our mission, and help us model full and meaningful patient and stakeholder engagement efforts.

The Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement is instrumental in helping us to ensure the highest patient engagement standards and a culture of patient-centeredness in all aspects of our work.

Equity and Inclusion Guiding Engagement Principles

This document provides a set of guiding engagement principles for placing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of health research partnerships. Developed by the Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement, the four principles—Inclusion, Equitable Partnerships, Trust/Trustworthiness, and Accountability/Actionability—are offered to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are an explicit goal of partnerships from the start. The principles are intended for any person or organization involved in the research community, including leaders and members of multi-stakeholder research teams, leaders and staff of health research organizations, health systems, patient and other stakeholder organizations, and training institutions. The document includes self-assessment questions and practical suggestions for teams to incorporate into activities.

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This report was created by the Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute® (PCORI®). The content included in these Principles do not necessarily represent the views of the PCORI, its Board of Governors or Methodology Committee. PCORI does not make any guarantees with respect to the accuracy or reliability of the information in this content.

Former members speak about the benefits of serving on the Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement, and why it is important to PCORI's mission to help patients and other stakeholder make better healthcare decisions.

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