The 2023-24 PCORI Advisory Panels application/nomination cycle is now closed. The new class of panelists will be announced at the September 2024 Board meeting and the next application/nomination cycle for 2024-25 will open thereafter.

Before You Submit an Application

Requirements and Expectations

Panelists are required to abide by PCORI’s Conflict of Interest Policy and complete and submit a PCORI Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Advisory Panel Members, which is available in the PCORI Online Portal. If you need to add or update any conflicts of interest, please follow the below steps.

  1. Log-in to the PCORI Online Portal, here: View sample submission form.
    Please use Google Chrome or Safari browsers; others may not deliver optimal experience.
  2. Once logged-in, click on the green “Advisory Panel” button. This will bring you to the “Advisory Panels Overview” page.
  3. Once there, navigate to the “Important Links” section. Within this section, you will see the link “Advisory Panel COI Disclosure Form".
  4. Click on the link.
  5. Update your COI disclosures.

Panelists are also required to attend two to four public meetings and to read background materials in preparation for all meetings. PCORI hosts its advisory panel meetings in a hybrid format. Panel members may choose to attend in-person at PCORI's office in Washington, D.C., or to attend virtually. PCORI will make public panelists’ Conflict of Interest Disclosures, affiliations, and the stakeholder communities they represent as reported to us.

How to Submit a Third-Party Nomination

PCORI accepts third-party nominations for its advisory panels. To make a nomination, an individual or organization should send a letter of support to the individual they are nominating. Before making a nomination, we encourage nominators to review our application fields for guidance on presenting as robust a portrait of the nominee(s) as possible.

Following nomination, all nominees must complete their own application, indicate their nomination, and attach the received letter of support. All materials will be due on the same date.

PCORI reviews all applications and nominations with an eye toward developing balanced, inclusive panels.

Please note: Third-party nominations should now be sent to the applicant instead of PCORI as applicants will be asked to submit letters of support within their application.

Application Review and Selection Process

PCORI’s executive staff establishes multidisciplinary Advisory Panel Applicant Review Teams for each panel. To mitigate potential conflicts of interest, review team members are required to recuse themselves from initial evaluations of any applicants with whom they had a close professional or personal association. Selection criteria are used to evaluate each applicant’s experience and ability to contribute to each panel’s specific scope of work. In the interest of consistency, applicants are reviewed within the context of other applicants from their stakeholder group. Learn more about our review and selection process.

How to Apply

Please click the "Apply Here" button below to create an application and fill in all mandatory fields. You can save your application at any time by clicking 'Save' and return to it at a later date. PCORI accepts letters of support from individuals or organizations. Third party nominators should send their letter of support to the applicant who will need to attach it to their application.

Our online application form will take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. It includes a series of multiple-choice and open-form questions. Applicants must provide a personal statement that clearly describes their background, experience, degree to which expertise and background could improve our work, and reasons for applying.

Applicants have the option to provide supporting documents (resume/curriculum vitae/list of relevant experience) by copying and pasting them into text boxes. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered. Applicants have the option to indicate if they wish to be considered for up to two panels and will be prompted to rank selected panels in order of preference. This ranking will be used in the event two or more Advisory Panel Applicant Review Teams would like to select the same applicant.

For information on how to complete the Advisory Panel Application, please reference the Advisory Panel Applicant Portal Guide.

Posted: December 5, 2013; Updated: March 29, 2024

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