Step 1: Online Application Center

Applications are accepted year-round, but they must be submitted by the deadline for consideration in that cycle.

Step 2: Review Applications

Advisory Panel Applicant Review Teams
PCORI’s executive staff establishes multidisciplinary Advisory Panel Applicant Review Teams for each panel. To mitigate potential conflicts of interest, review team members are required to recuse themselves from initial evaluations of any applicants with whom they had a close professional or personal association.

The review teams draw from existing processes previously developed to support PCORI activities, including the processes used to select Merit Reviewers and to establish Ad Hoc Workgroups convened as part of our accelerated process to develop targeted PCORI Funding Announcements. Each review team uses common themes in its assessment process to maintain consistency across all four panels. This open, transparent, and rigorous process achieves the desired balance between expertise and demographics on each panel.

Selection Criteria
Selection criteria are used to evaluate each applicant’s experience and ability to contribute to each panel’s specific scope of work. In the interest of consistency, applicants are reviewed within the context of other applicants from their stakeholder groups. We recognize that individuals from all stakeholder categories offer valuable perspectives and expertise to contribute to the scope of work of the advisory panels, and applicants from each group also embody differing competencies that cannot be compared between groups. The strength of a candidate’s articulated background, experience, the degree to which their expertise and background could improve our work, and reasons for applying to serve on a specific panel are evaluated in reference to the other applicants in their associated field of expertise and experience. For each panel, the selection criteria generally include:

  • Experience in comparative effectiveness research, patient/stakeholder engagement, measuring patient-centered outcomes, health services research, specific health systems improvement efforts, health disparities, or research methodology
  • Overall experience and current position
  • Functional ties with a specific stakeholder group
  • Experience within a specific stakeholder group
  • Degree to which expertise and background could improve our work

Balancing Criteria
Balancing criteria are also used to evaluate each applicant’s experience and ability to contribute to each panel’s specific scope of work. We thoroughly review each application and evaluate each applicant holistically, seeking geographic, institutional, racial, experiential, and gender diversity. Although complete sociodemographic information is not required of each applicant, such information, when provided, is considered when reviewing for balance and representation of diverse populations. The review teams seek to ensure that potential nominees reflect a fair representation of minority or underrepresented patient populations, including patients with rare conditions or diseases.

Step 3: Draft and Submit Panels to Board for Approval

Each review team identifies prospective panelists to propose to our Board of Governors for its review and approval.

Step 4: Board Approves Proposed Panel Members

Proposed panels are submitted to the Board during a public webinar/teleconference.


Posted: August 1, 2013; Updated: April 4, 2023

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