The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Economic Resource Center (PCOR-ERC) supports PCORI in conducting activities related to capturing patient-centered costs and economic impacts as part of its research and engagement projects.

These activities support PCORI in refining its guidance to applicants and awardees around collection of the full range of clinical and patient-centered outcomes data, including as appropriate, the potential burdens and economic impacts of healthcare services to the existing patient-centered outcomes and clinical effectiveness measures.

The ERC is also helping to provide context critical to understanding stakeholder views of the intersectionality of such data with considerations of “value” in health and health care and clarity around how the communities PCORI serves define “patient-centered value.” The work of the ERC will inform how PCORI further implements guidance around collection of the full range of outcomes data, while remaining responsive to and reflective of the perspective and concerns of patients and the broader healthcare community.

The PCOR-ERC is supported through a contract with RTI International.

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    Information about the PCOR-ERC begins on page 83 of the RFP.

Selected Contractor

  • Awardee: RTI International
  • Contract Value: $788,846
  • Period of Performance: 2 years (September 1, 2021 – September 1, 2023)

Posted: December 20, 2022

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