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PCORI is seeking input from the community related to the findings gleaned from a new report, Stakeholder Views on Components of "Patient-Centered Value" in Health and Health Care. Read the draft report below.

The 2019 law reauthorizing PCORI’s funding clarifies that PCORI-funded studies should capture, as appropriate, "the full range of clinical and patient-centered outcomes," specifically adding "the potential burdens and economic impacts" of healthcare services to the patient-centered outcomes and clinical effectiveness measures that have been the hallmarks of the research we have funded to date.

PCORI initiated a multi-step process better understand stakeholder views on how collecting burden and economic impact data intersects with considerations of “value” in health and health care and how the communities PCORI serves define “patient-centered value.” This work involved a landscape review, convenings of stakeholders comprising (i) one-to-one interviews, (ii) small-group workshops with stakeholders, and finally (iii) a large, multi-stakeholder convening.

This work has resulted in a draft inventory of attributes of patient-centered value, presented here for review by and input from the public and patients.

PCORI invites input from our stakeholders, the broader healthcare community, and the public.

Read the Draft Report

Questions to Consider

PCORI seeks input on the following questions related to the report, Stakeholder Views on Components of "Patient-Centered Value" in Health and Health Care. We wish to gain greater understanding of how your community approaches and considers these, and additional or alternate, attributes of patient-centered value.

The following questions relate to the list of patient-centered value attributes described in the draft report. In your response, please share with us the community whose perspectives you aim to reflect or represent.

  1. What patient-centered value attributes are missing from the report?
  2. What patient-centered value attributes noted in the report do not fully reflect your, or your community’s, perspective?
  3. What attributes captured in the report do you strongly believe are not a part of patient-centered value?

How to Submit Input

PCORI is seeking input from January 3 - March 3, 2023. You may submit your input in one of three ways:

  • Online Form: Submit your input online
    Simply fill in your responses and select "Submit."
  • Email: [email protected]
    If you wish to submit an attachment, such as a PDF, you may do so using this email address.
  • Voice to Text: 443-713-1999
    Through voice to text, you’ll have four minutes to submit your input.

As part of PCORI’s commitment to transparency, all input will be posted to PCORI’s web site. This request for input should not be construed as an intent, commitment, or promise to acquire services or solutions offered. PCORI will use information submitted by respondents at its own discretion and will not necessarily provide comments to respondent submissions. PCORI will not reimburse public input respondents for any expenses associated with responding to this opportunity, though PCORI sincerely appreciates respondents’ efforts and input.

Members of the public can decide whether to provide personal identifying information during any public input period. Any input you provide to PCORI, including but not limited to any documents or other materials and any identifying information submitted with your comments, are collected voluntarily and may be disclosed by PCORI on this website, elsewhere on the Internet, in any other public forum, or in other PCORI materials. By providing public input, you are consenting to their disclosure, use, and consideration by PCORI. PCORI makes input available as submitted and does not independently verify any aspect of input (e.g., content, organization affiliation or stakeholder designation). PCORI's full Website Privacy and User Policy is available here.

Posted: January 3, 2023

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