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As the results of our first funded studies start to arrive, we at PCORI are working to meet one of the unique challenges laid out in our authorizing law. We are charged with assessing the scientific integrity of our primary research, and then making the findings quickly available in a meaningful and user-friendly format for all to see—patients, clinicians, and the general public, as well as scientists.


To do this, we have developed and implemented new processes, not usually required of research funders, for evaluating the results of the studies we fund and translating them into short, easy-to-understand summaries to be posted on our website. To spread the word further, we have implemented a policy to support free public access to scientific journal articles reporting the final results of our studies.

Why the Effort?

Our efforts are part of the growing trend to make the results of health research—especially studies supported by public funds—far more widely available than in the past. Why? Studies show the results of clinical trials are often not reported either to the public or published in the scientific literature. There are various reasons for this. Sometimes a study was not completed, or the results may have been inconclusive and of little interest to a journal. Medical journals also tend to be less enthusiastic about publishing papers describing treatments found to be ineffective—what’s known as “negative findings”—than publishing positive results. Sometimes, when publication becomes challenging, investigators go on to other research, abandoning an unpublished manuscript on a topic previously of interest.

Whatever the reason, incomplete reporting of results wastes valuable public resources. Reports of negative findings can help clinicians and patients make decisions, as well as prevent duplication of researchers’ efforts. Unreported results also contribute to the problem of publication bias, in which the lack of negative reports makes evidence appear more clear-cut than it really is.

What's Happening at PCORI?

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