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Building on our hallmark of engaging healthcare stakeholders in all phases of research, PCORI is excited to join the American Heart Association (AHA) in announcing a crowdsourcing challenge for clinicians and researchers across the country. We’re looking for the best ideas for new research questions that address difficult challenges identified by patients with cardiovascular diseases.


Proposed hypotheses should focus on questions that can be answered by comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER), which compares the benefits and risks of alternate healthcare methods. Submissions should use a precision medicine approach, which takes into account individual patients’ genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle, and other characteristics.

We’ll select four research hypotheses and give each of the winning submitters a $5,000 prize. And we’ll consider these research questions for future funding opportunities.

With this clinician/researcher challenge, we are continuing to test-drive a crowdsourcing model for engaging the healthcare community in identifying important research topics.

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