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The Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program is now accepting applications for the October 2023 Cycle PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs).

The Engagement Award Program supports projects that encourage active, meaningful involvement of patients, caregivers, clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders in all phases of patient-centered outcomes research/comparative clinical effectiveness research (PCOR/CER). These awards are not research funding opportunities.

There are three funding opportunities available: Capacity Building, Dissemination Initiative and Stakeholder Convening Support.

Submit your Letter of Intent (LOI) by September 28, 2023, for consideration.

Engagement Award PFA Changes

  • Applicants may note that the language in two PFAs (Capacity Building and Stakeholder Convening Support) has been updated to describe the purpose and requirements of the funding opportunities more clearly. The purpose and requirements of, as well as categories considered not responsive to, the funding opportunities remain the same as in past funding opportunities.
  • The October 2023 PFAs also describe PCORI’s new National Priorities for Health and PCORI’s Topic Themes, which address specific populations, health behaviors and health conditions. We welcome LOIs on all topics that meet the program guidelines, but applicants are encouraged to consider the National Priorities for Health and Topic Themes when developing their application.
  • Finally, we are now offering two funding tracks for the Stakeholder Convening Support PFA:
    • Convening Around PCOR/CER.
    • Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings.

Engagement Award Categories

Engagement Award: Capacity Building

This award category helps communities increase their ability to participate in all phases of PCOR/CER. Capacity building projects equip patients and other stakeholders to engage as partners in PCOR/CER or help researchers to be better partners with patients and other stakeholders. Projects can last up to two years and cost up to $250,000.

Learn more: Engagement Award: Capacity Building

Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative

This award category supports the dissemination of results back to communities in tailored ways that speak directly to stakeholders. Projects can last up to two years and cost up to $250,000. Applicants must focus their project on one of two tracks: Building Capacity for Dissemination or Active Dissemination.

  • Building Capacity for Dissemination projects lay the groundwork for disseminating and implementing PCORI-funded evidence through organizations with strong ties to end-user audiences.
  • Active Dissemination projects spread awareness and increase knowledge of PCORI-funded evidence, targeted directly to end-user audiences such as patients, clinicians, communities and others who can use this information to inform healthcare decisions.

Learn more: Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative

Engagement Award: Stakeholder Convening Support

This award category supports projects that include multi-stakeholder meetings and conferences focused on expanding PCOR/CER. Projects can last up to one year and cost up to $100,000. Applicants must select one of two tracks: Convening Around PCOR/CER or Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings.

  • Convening Around PCOR/CER projects promote discussion of research topics, questions and engagement plans for PCOR/CER.
  • Convening Around Dissemination of PCORI-Funded Research Findings projects communicate results from eligible PCORI-funded studies to end users through meetings.

Learn more: Engagement Award: Stakeholder Convening Support

For more information, visit the funding opportunities webpage and review the Engagement Award Submission Instructions.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected].

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