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The Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards program today introduces two special funding opportunities to build capacity to support patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). These PFAs call for proposals related to COVID-19 and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)—the latter of which was identified as a priority topic by Congress in PCORI’s 2019 reauthorizing legislation.

Capacity building projects encourage the active integration of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other stakeholders as integral members of PCOR/comparative effectiveness research (CER). PCORI has identified capacity building for participation in research related to COVID-19 and IDD because of these topics’ urgency and timeliness in today’s world.

Specifically, proposals should focus on building the knowledge, competencies, and abilities of patients and other stakeholders to be meaningful partners in PCOR/CER with researchers throughout the research process, from topic selection through design and conduct of research to dissemination or implementation of results. They also can strengthen the skills of researchers to be better partners with patients and other stakeholders involved in PCOR/CER or support the adoption or expansion of existing engagement tools and resources to build capacity for PCOR/CER in a new population or geographic area.


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Building Capacity for PCOR/CER Related to COVID-19

COVID-19 is an evolving and ongoing health crisis, and PCORI’s comprehensive response continues to grow. In 2020, the Engagement Awards program offered a funding opportunity to add COVID-19-related aims to existing projects, along with a PFA for projects to help communities engage effectively while responding to societal changes, such as social distancing requirements, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. These projects are in process.

This special cycle is the next step in the Engagement Awards program’s response. This PFA supports projects that enable organizations and communities to build capacity and skills to participate across all phases of PCOR/CER. Projects should explore and address the urgent and unique needs specifically related to:

  • the long-term effects of post-acute COVID-19
  • the impact of COVID-19 on disproportionate affected populations
  • the impact of COVID-19 on social isolation and loneliness (mental health and well-being)
  • engaging, educating, and promoting informed decision making around COVID-19 vaccines.

Other relevant topics related to COVID-19 health outcomes with appropriate justification will also be considered. View the PFA for more details and to apply.

Engagement Award: Building Capacity for PCOR/CER for Topics Related to COVID-19


Infographic: Key dates for these funding opportunities. Applicant office house on March 8, March 22 and April 12. Application deadline on May 25 at 5pm. No letter of intent phase. Earliest start date in September 2021.

Building Capacity for PCOR/CER in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

PCORI’s reauthorizing legislation in 2019 identified two new research priority areas. One, maternal morbidity and mortality, is a special area of interest in the Engagement Awards program’s April 2021 Cycle PFAs, and this PFA addresses the other: individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Developmental disabilities are chronic disabilities that originate at birth or in the developmental period, causing impairment in physical, learning, language, and/or behavioral areas. Intellectual disabilities, which fall under the umbrella term of developmental disabilities, involve limitations to cognitive function (reasoning, learning, problem solving) and adaptive behavior. Not all developmental disabilities include limitations in cognitive ability.  

This PFA offers the opportunity for organizations and community groups to build capacity and skills to participate in PCOR/CER related to IDD, and to understand the impact of stakeholder engagement within different settings and stakeholder groups focused on this special area of interest.

Project should explore building capacity for stakeholder engagement with PCOR/CER in IDD on topics such as:

  • addressing health equity and advancing IDD health outcomes for vulnerable populations
  • leveraging community-based and patient-centered models of care delivery
  • challenges related to clinical care delivery, coordination, and access
  • telehealth solutions
  • transition from pediatric care to adulthood
  • caregiver needs and access to wraparound support
  • patient needs and preferences.

View the PFA for more details and to apply.

Engagement Award: Building Capacity for PCOR/CER in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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