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In today’s fast-paced, complex healthcare world, it’s critical that patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other stakeholders have access to the best available information and tools for making informed choices. However, considerable barriers limit the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness with which reliable evidence becomes useful for real-world decision making. 

Clear communication and active dissemination of research findings are critical to seeing that patients and others in the healthcare community are aware of, and can make use of, needed evidence.  Yet, the healthcare community needs to know more about how to optimally communicate findings and facilitate use of new evidence and tools. In response, PCORI’s Communication and Dissemination Research (CDR) program is tackling this issue head on by funding research on the comparative effectiveness of different strategies for communicating and disseminating health information. 

Focused Funding

In the two years that PCORI has been funding clinical effectiveness research through broad funding announcements, the CDR program has invested more than $56 million dollars in 33 projects. We continue to sharpen our focus, indicating areas of interest to the researcher and stakeholder communities through our PCORI funding announcement (PFAs).  

The upcoming cycle of CDR PFAs, which will be released February 4, outlines broad areas of inquiry that warrant further investigation, provides specific research comparisons of high relevance and impact, and presents sample research questions of interest.  We also reemphasize that we fund only direct comparisons of effective health communication interventions or strategies in real-world clinical care settings. We are very excited about the release of this PFA and look forward to receiving Letters of Intent by March 6.

New Advisory Panel

As the field evolves and our CDR program grows, we are establishing a multi-stakeholder advisory panel to help shape the program’s direction. At its January 27 meeting, the PCORI Board of Governors approved the charter for the Advisory Panel on Communication and Dissemination Research.

The new panel will have 12 to 21 individuals with the knowledge and experience to guide us as we fund research on communication and dissemination of research findings. It will include at least two panelists who have backgrounds in health literacy, numeracy, and/or risk communication and at least two who have expertise in dissemination and implementation science. At least a quarter of panelists will be patients, caregivers, or representatives of patient advocacy organizations. 

The advisory panel will work with the program staff and leadership to:

  • Suggest new health CDR topics for the program to vet and develop for future prioritization 
  • Prioritize topics presented by the CDR program
  • Provide feedback on specific research questions and study designs
  • Review our CDR research portfolio, identifying gaps and assessing overall impact 
  • Provide input on possible refinements to PCORI’s research priorities as they relate to communication and dissemination research
  • Consider findings of studies across PCORI’s programs and advise on communication and dissemination targets and strategies 

You can apply to become a member of the new advisory panel here. The deadline is February 23. 

As always, we also welcome your ideas on how to effectively communicate and disseminate research results, and we look forward to supporting more research that empowers patients and clinicians by equipping them with evidence-based information and tools for making informed decisions.

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