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Many researchers in the PCORI community have taken full command of their research by utilizing the wealth of resources now available through PCORnet®, the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network. These resources aim to maximize every aspect of clinical research, including study planning, design, start-up and execution, enabling them to boost their patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) studies.

What Is PCORnet®?

PCORnet is a unique national clinical research resource funded by PCORI and designed to improve the nation’s capacity to efficiently conduct patient-centered CER by providing a large, highly representative network of health data, research expertise and patient insights. PCORnet has been used to power studies funded by PCORI; federal health agencies including the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; foundations; industry; and academic partners. Investigators who partner with PCORnet have access to data and expertise that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

What Are the Advantages of Using PCORnet?

PCORnet is a “network of networks” that includes eight Clinical Research Networks (CRNs), each of which is composed of diverse healthcare institutions across the United States, from large academic health centers to local community clinics. Through these CRNs and a supportive, expert Coordinating Center, high-quality health data, patient partnership and research expertise deliver trustworthy answers and give researchers who use PCORnet a synergy of information they can’t find anywhere else.

“Since the network was developed, it has proven its ability to drive fast, representative research results time and again,” said Adrian Hernandez, M.D., MHS, a Coordinating Center co-principal investigator and executive director for the Duke Clinical Research Institute. “With each new project, processes are more streamlined, data are broader and more refined, and our connections across the PCORnet® Network Partners are tighter.”

PCORnet has been used to conduct public queries that help investigators identify populations well-suited for the kind of patient-centered CER PCORI funds, including a report on telehealth visits and the largest known, national-scale descriptive analysis of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Investigators who partner with PCORnet have access to data and expertise that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

How Will Using PCORnet Benefit Your Study?

The scope of PCORnet-accessible data, plus its embedded expertise and patient partnerships, make the Network a powerful tool for researchers. Studies supported by the PCORnet infrastructure answer clinical questions that impact patients’ lives, helping make your study more timely, relevant and impactful.

PCORnet now offers four new tools that can empower you to maximize every aspect of your research and uniquely position you to conduct patient-centered CER more efficiently.

These tools will:

  • Speed prep-to-research queries
  • Speed the contracting process for PCORI-funded studies
  • Support fast and easy search of crucial details about PCORnet-participating sites
  • Facilitate fast and consistent IRB applications in your PCORnet-leveraged study

Get Access to Network Partners, Data and Engaged Patient Collaborators

Using PCORnet for your next patient-centered CER study gives you access to:

  • Network Partners: PCORnet infrastructure offers access to real-world data through partnerships with CRNs. These Network Partners help accelerate high-quality answers to questions that are meaningful to the advancement of public health, elevating the potential impact of your study.
  • Nationwide data: Data is the backbone of PCORnet, and the scale, quality and security of PCORnet-accessible data is unmatched. PCORnet represents data from everyday encounters with more than 30 million people each year across the United States, giving you answers to your research questions quickly in a single format.
  • Engaged partners: In every study designated as a PCORnet® Study, patients and caregivers provide input at every stage of the research process, giving Network Partners an authentic and deep understanding of the importance of clinical research and helping you deliver results that are relevant, useful and improve the patient experience.

How to Get Started


PCORnet: The national patient-centered clinical research network

The Front Door is the initial access point for anyone wanting to partner with PCORnet, use its infrastructure and collaborate on patient-centered CER. Once you’ve reached out to the Front Door team, the Coordinating Center for PCORnet® will set up a free consultation to understand your needs or your interest in collaborating with a Network Partner.

PCORnet can help you conduct your next patient-centered CER study. Knock on the Front Door today.

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