Supporting methodological research to improve the design and conduct of patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) is a priority for PCORI and outlined in our authorizing law. This commitment reflects our view that "Methods Matter" and that they are necessary for the development and synthesis of strong, high-quality evidence that can inform clinical practice and ultimately improve individual- and population-level health.

The range of methodologies used in PCOR is broad, and PCORI has built a portfolio of methods-related projects that address a diverse set of topics under our national research priority, Accelerating Patient-Centered Outcomes Research and Methodological Research. As indicated in the Cycle 1 2016 PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA), the Improving Methods for Conducting Patient-Centered Outcomes Research program (hereafter, the Methods Program) is making significant and substantive changes to our research priorities. In developing the next release of the funding announcement (known as Cycle 3, 2016), we have made the priorities narrower and more focused.  We feel that this change will permit the program portfolio to fill in gaps and to be a better fit with PCORI’s current scientific needs. The new PFA will be released on August 15, 2016.

Future PFAs for the Methods Program will focus on only two to three Research Areas of Interest (RAIs) in each announcement. Letters of intent (LOIs) or applications that do not address one of the selected RAIs will be deemed non-responsive for that cycle. We intend to announce and publicize these topics with sufficient lead time to allow investigators time to prepare LOIs and applications.

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