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As patients, clinicians, researchers, and other members of the healthcare community know all too well, research findings can sit in the scientific literature, taking far too long to help improve patients’ lives—if they ever do.

Since its inception, PCORI has been working to assure that findings from our funded research will do better at reaching patients, clinicians, and other decision makers. The first step in our research process is to identify questions that matter most to healthcare stakeholders, particularly to patients. We then fund projects that—with stakeholder guidance—seek to answer those questions. Finally, we work diligently to get project results to those who can use them to make more-informed healthcare decisions.

We think studies and results most important to healthcare stakeholders will be taken up and used more rapidly than has traditionally been the case. And we have early data that show our funded projects’ results are getting out there—quickly, and to a lot of people.

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