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PCORI’s Board of Governors has taken another important step in outlining how PCORI will focus its patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) funding and other activities in the years ahead, adopting a new Research Agenda at its March 8, 2022, meeting.

The Research Agenda, developed and finalized after substantial public feedback, provides the framework for PCORI’s National Priorities for Health, specifically through CER funding. The National Priorities for Health, which PCORI’s Board adopted in October 2021, also after extensive public feedback, reflect five ambitious long-term goals to guide PCORI’s work.

The Research Agenda will inform the development of a broad portfolio of patient-centered research that addresses unmet information and evidence needs of patients, caregivers, and other healthcare system stakeholders in making personalized health and healthcare decisions across a wide range of conditions and treatments. The Research Agenda consists of the following six statements that describe PCORI’s CER activities, including complementary, broad areas of research.

Research Agenda | Fund comparative clinical effectiveness research that

Fills patient- and stakeholder-prioritized evidence gaps and is representative and inclusive of diverse and underrepresented patient populations and settings
Advances the achievement of health equity and elimination of disparities with an emphasis on overcoming the effects on health and healthcare outcomes of racism, discrimination, and bias
Builds the evidence base for emerging interventions by leveraging the full range of data resources and partnerships
Examines the diverse burdens and clinical and economic impacts important to patients and other stakeholders
Focuses on health promotion and illness prevention by addressing health drivers that occur where people live, work, learn, and play
Integrates implementation science and advances approaches for communicating evidence so the public can access, understand, and act on research findings

The Research Agenda was developed in consultation with stakeholders encompassing numerous perspectives and experiences in the US healthcare ecosystem and built on PCORI’s work in its first decade. PCORI’s Board released the proposed version of the Research Agenda for public comment In December 2021, later modifying several of the statements based on ongoing feedback and public comments gathered. You can find more detail about the process, including comments received, here.

The Research Agenda is not intended to list individual research topics or projects, but rather inform PCORI’s consideration and prioritization of CER opportunities important for developing a more specific Research Project Agenda.


Research Project Agenda

The Research Project Agenda will identify specific topics to pursue that will help fulfill the Research Agenda and advance the National Priorities for Health. This includes topics mandated in PCORI’s 2019 reauthorizing law (intellectual and developmental disabilities and maternal mortality), as well as other research areas.

Additionally, the Research Project Agenda will help PCORI implement enhanced authority under its reauthorizing law to consider the full range of outcomes in the research it funds, including the potential burdens and economic impacts of the healthcare services studied in its funded projects.

The Research Project Agenda will be continuously updated to maintain relevance to evidence needs through ongoing stakeholder engagement.

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