Opioid addiction in America has reached epidemic proportions, largely because of an explosion in prescriptions for opioid medications for pain. We urgently need alternative pain treatments and a better understanding of how to treat opioid addiction. But research hasn’t yet shown which alternatives work best for different patients in different settings and situations.

PCORI-funded comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) can fill these evidence gaps. PCORI’s larger portfolio of pain-care research includes studies comparing strategies to reduce high-dose opioid use and unsafe opioid prescribing. PCORI also supports research on the best ways to manage and treat opioid addiction. The studies also examine the roles of patients, clinicians, health systems, and payers in safe, effective pain management and addiction treatment approaches

Find out more about research we are supporting to provide evidence on the most effective strategies to use opioids safely and appropriately, and to prevent and reduce opioid misuse.


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