We welcome applications from scientists, patients, caregivers, clinicians, policy makers, hospital and health systems, payers [insurance], purchasers [business], industry, researchers,  and training institutions who are passionate and committed to serve as reviewers for PCORI.

Reviewers are an important part of our review process and evaluate applications submitted to our five national research priority areas and pragmatic clinical studies funding announcements.

Learn more about PCORI's Merit Review Process

We also welcome applications from reviewers with expertise for our targeted PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs). PCORI has used targeted PFAs to seek applications to improve asthma treatment in African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos, to examine obesity primary care obesity treatment options for underserved populations, and to study the effectiveness of transitional care in different healthcare contexts. We need reviewers with diverse perspectives and a range of expertise/experience to help us identify high-quality, patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research applications submitted in response to all of our funding announcements.

Click here for more information about our current Merit Reviewers. Please note that we primarily recruit reviewers who reside in the United States and its territories to be good stewards by effectively managing the costs of our Merit Review process.

If you live in other countries in North America (Canada, Mexico) you are welcome to apply. We may recruit you to serve during a review cycle if you have expertise that is not represented by our current U.S.-based reviewers. If you live outside of North America, we cannot accept your application. Thank you in advance for understanding our effort to be good stewards of our funds.

Please click the “Apply” button below to get started. For questions or information on how to complete the Merit Reviewer Application, please email [email protected].


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