The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) engages patients and other healthcare stakeholders as meaningful and active partners as it builds a patient-centered research community and refines its research agenda. PCORI convenes representatives from across the healthcare community for discussion, co-learning, and partnership building in four main ways: Webinars, Regional Workshops, Engagement Roundtables, and Targeted Workgroups. PCORI welcomes public participation in these events in different capacities; learn more about how you can participate.


stock image of a PCORI webinar presentation PCORI In Practice, a webinar series on how PCORI is advancing patient-centered outcomes research, offers the public an opportunity to learn about promising practices of meaningful engagement in the research that we fund and how you can get involved in our work. Webinars are open to the public and participation is free to all. Example of a previous webinar:

  • Webinar on Promising Practices of Meaningful Engagement in the Conduct of Research: PCORI-funded researchers and partners discussed successful practices of patient and stakeholder engagement in all stages of the research process, from helping craft the research question to ensuring dissemination of the results. Listen to the Archived Teleconference Audio & View the Presentation Slides.

Regional Workshops

Stock image of a PCORI workshop in Memphis PCORI hosts regional workshops across the nation to provide an opportunity for patients, researchers, and healthcare stakeholders to learn more about PCORI and to build relationships with other individuals interested in clinical comparative effectiveness research. Workshops are open to all people who reside in the region selected.

Example of a previous workshop

  • Southwest Regional Engagement Workshop: PCORI hosted its third Regional Workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The topic was: The Power of Partnership in Research: Applying Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities. Learn more about the Workshop.

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Engagement Roundtables

Stock image of PCORI's Latina Roundtable PCORI invites representatives with knowledge and experience in a specific healthcare topic area to help guide development of an innovative and patient-centered research agenda. Roundtables are focused by stakeholder group or topic area. Roundtables are often open to public participation via webinar/teleconference.

Example of a previous roundtable

  • PCORI Rare Disease Roundtable: PCORI hosted a roundtable to leverage the knowledge and experience of the rare diseases community—including patients, patient advocates, industry, payers, researchers, and policymakers, to guide PCORI's research agenda and engagement with that community. Learn more about the Roundtable.

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Targeted Workgroups

Man sitting and listening

PCORI convenes multi-stakeholder workgroups to discuss targeted research topics for potential development into a funding announcement for comparative effectiveness research. In most cases, PCORI Advisory Panels select the topics, and PCORI invites participants with expertise and experience in the topic area. Workgroups are often open to public participation via webinar/teleconference. Example of previous workgroup:

  • Workgroup: Bipolar Disorder and Antipsychotic Use in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults: PCORI's Clinical Effectiveness Research program convened a multi-disciplinary workgroup to discuss Bipolar Disorder and Antipsychotic Use in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults. Members of this multi-stakeholder workgroup represented the diverse perspectives of researchers, patients, and other stakeholders and provided input on important patient-centered questions on this topic. Learn more about the Workgroup.

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Posted August 29, 2012; Updated February 26, 2014

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