PCORI offers two different funding mechanisms to support projects that actively disseminate results from PCORI-funded research studies. The information below is intended to help potential applicants decide which funding opportunity could be the best fit for their project.

How does PCORI define dissemination?

PCORI defines dissemination as "the intentional, active process of identifying target audiences and tailoring communication strategies to increase awareness and understanding of evidence, and to motivate its use in policy, practice, and individual choices." (PCORI Dissemination & Implementation Framework)

We differentiate dissemination from implementation, which is the deliberate, iterative process of adapting evidence from PCORI-funded research and integrating the evidence into practice in real-world settings.

Which PCORI funding opportunities support dissemination of research results?

There are two main PCORI funding opportunities for projects that aim to disseminate the results from PCORI-funded research. The two opportunities are alike with respect to their goal of increasing knowledge and awareness of study findings. However, there are key differences. The two PCORI funding opportunities are:   

  1. Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative. The Engagement Award offers a broader, stakeholder-initiated opportunity to 1) build capacity for dissemination or 2) actively disseminate an increasing number of findings, drawing on the experience and expertise of organizations and communities in reaching specific end users of information and in capitalizing on a history of trust. The Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative complements a body of activity occurring within PCORI’s Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Program.
  2. Dissemination & Implementation Program Awards. PCORI’s D&I Program is charged with promoting the uptake and use of PCORI-funded research in practice to support patients, healthcare providers, and others in making informed health decisions. As such, the program offers several award opportunities—in both dissemination and implementation—which some applicants may be eligible to pursue. The D&I Program’s Dissemination Project option is offered within its Limited PCORI Funding Announcement: Implementation of PCORI-Funded Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Results. This limited competition opportunity is open only to applicants who are recipients of previously-funded PCORI research awards (see specific applicant eligibility criteria in the funding announcement).

What are key differences between the dissemination-focused funding opportunities?

In addition to eligibility, a main distinction between the Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative and Dissemination Projects awarded through the D&I Program is the emphasis the Engagement Award initiative places on the primary role of stakeholders—that is, the role of organizations that have established relationships with, and are trusted sources of information for, a target audience that can benefit from knowing about findings from specific PCORI-funded research.  Stakeholder organizations are the typical applicants for the Engagement Awards, although applications from researchers and others partnering closely with these organizations will also be considered.

The table below summarizes the two dissemination-focused opportunities; please refer to the funding announcements for full details.

  Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award: Dissemination Initiative Limited Competition: Implementation of PCORI-Funded Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Results (Dissemination Project option)
Goal Move evidence developed with PCORI funding toward practical use by supporting stakeholder-led active efforts to increase knowledge and awareness of, and build context around, research findings. Move evidence developed with PCORI funding toward practical use by supporting investigator-initiated active efforts to increase knowledge and awareness of research findings.
Intended Applicants Stakeholder organizations that are trusted sources of information for patients, providers, and communities Applicants limited to recipients of previously-funded PCORI research awards (who may partner with other organizations)
Eligible Applicants (refer to funding announcements for full eligibility criteria) Applications may be submitted by any private-sector organization(s); any public-sector organization(s); or any unit of local, state, or federal government. Applications may be submitted by any private-sector research organization(s) or public-sector research organization(s); any laboratory or manufacturer; or any unit of local, state, or federal government.
Available Evidence for Dissemination PCORI-funded comparative clinical effectiveness research results (published in a peer-reviewed paper), PCORI-funded systematic reviews and systematic review updates, or PCORI Evidence Updates PCORI-funded research results available at the time of Letter of Intent submission and described in either 1) a Draft Final Research Report accepted for entry into PCORI’s peer review process or 2) a manuscript accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed scientific journal
Maximum Project Budget (total costs) $250,000 $300,000
Maximum Project Period 2 years 3 years
Announcement Type Research Support Award Implementation Award
Contact For questions about Engagement Award program funding opportunities, please contact [email protected]. For questions about D&I Program funding opportunities, please contact [email protected].

Posted: February 1, 2021

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