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Browne, T., Jones, S., Cabacungan, A. N., Lang-Lindsey, K., Schmidt, L., Jackson, G., Schatell, D., Damron, K. C., Ephraim, P. L., Hill-Briggs, F., Bolden, S., Swoboda, A., Ruff, S., Danielson, P., Littlewood, D., Singer, D., Stewart, S., Vinson, B., Clynes, D., Green, J. A., Strigo, T. S., Boulware, L. E.. The Impact of COVID-19 on Patient, Family Member, and Stakeholder Research Engagement: Insights from the PREPARE NOW Study. J Gen Intern Med. 2022. 37(Suppl 1): 64-72. PMID:35349019


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