These slides were developed as part of a series presented by the PCORnet Engagement Coordinating Center to share promising stakeholder engagement practices. This townhall-style webinar focused on supporting diverse inclusive engagement. Panelists Carolyn Shimmin (Public and Patient Engagement Lead, George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation) and Freddie White-Johnson (Program Director, Mississippi Network for Cancer Control and Prevention) discussed creating an inclusive environment for engagement, strategies for stakeholder retention, and the importance of community-centered approaches. Lisa Stewart (Senior Engagement Officer, PCORI) moderated the session. These slides can be used by researchers and organizations to inform policies and programs for increasing underrepresented population engagement in research and governance.

Speaker Contact Information: Carolyn Shimmin, Public and Patient Engagement Lead, George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation ([email protected]); Freddie White-Johnson, MPPA,Founder/President & CEO, Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation ([email protected]); Lisa Stewart, MA, former Senior Engagement Officer, PCORI ([email protected])

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