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PCORI is committed to advancing patient-centered, stakeholder-engaged research and the meaningful involvement of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders throughout the entire research process. We do this to ensure that the results of the studies we fund are relevant, trustworthy, and more likely to be used in practice. PCORI also supports the uptake of engagement practices and methodologies within the broader healthcare research community. To encourage the spread of these practices, we have assembled a repository of engagement-related tools and resources developed and used by PCORI awardees. This searchable peer-to-peer repository includes resources that can inform future work in PCOR and was developed based on a process, which you can learn more about here.

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C3FIT Stakeholder Partner Memorandum of Understanding

This example of a Letter of Participation and Study Compensation from the C3FIT study outlines the duties of an advisor and lays out how payments will be executed. This document could be used as an example for other study teams to follow when outlining partner responsibilities and terms of participation as a stakeholder partner.

C3FIT Stroke Stakeholder Engagement One-Pager

This onboarding one-pager from the C3FIT Stroke study team lays out study details, the role of engagement, and the leadership on the study. It can be viewed as a template for a brief informational resource that will help recruit and onboard stakeholder partners.

The SEED Method's Conceptual Model Training

This training deck guides users through the process of selecting a research question. Using this deck helps study teams onboard stakeholders to a PCOR project while also collecting information about topic prioritization for the study team. This deck was made to be adapted by study teams and can be used in tandem with the rest of the SEED Method materials or alone.

The SEED Method's Patient Stakeholder Identification Matrix

This recruitment strategy spreadsheet was created to help study teams identify and select possible individual and organizational partners. It can also serve as a template for managing engagement over the course of the entire project. It is part of the SEED Method Toolkit, which is linked below.

The SEED Method Complete Toolkit

This toolkit was specifically designed to improve stakeholder recruitment, selection and engagement. This comprehensive document includes an overview of the SEED Method, instructions, example documents – including timelines, meeting agendas, and powerpoint slides – and customizable templates – including organizational documents, facilitation guides, and training materials. An optional evaluation module is also included as part of the toolkit for users who would like to assess SEED Method processes or outcomes.

C3FIT Stroke Clinical Site Engagement Committee Meeting Report Back Form Template

This communication tool ensures that recommendations made at local sites are registered and acted upon by both the local study team and the study's steering committee. This tool walks each issue from the question posed by study staff through to the impact of feedback on the study itself. It is a useful tool both to track internal communications and to share with partners.

Reach PC Stakeholder Engagement Log

This communication tool tracks touches with stakeholder partners. It will allow your research team to build strong relationships with partners by ensuring timely and clear communication. It lays out both the input received and the ways that it was utilized to improve the project. It can be used internally by the study team or as a shared tool with partners.

C3FIT Stakeholder Research Training

This training deck is an example of a lay language presentation that clearly explains study questions, study design, and leadership structure of a PCOR study. It can be used by study teams to help brainstorm other communication tools.

SICP Review

Meeting materials shared with stakeholder advisors as part of the study kickoff meeting present a study overview and elements of the study protocol in an easily understandable format. The materials could be used as a model by other teams looking to introduce study protocol and intervention elements to stakeholder advisors.

CODA Patient Advisor Information

The University of Washington developed this role description for patient advisors participating in the CODA study. It contains information on patient advisor expectations, qualities, role, and time commitment, as well as a study organizational chart. The information presented in the document could inform the work of others developing or supporting work with patient advisors.

COMPASS Study Engagement Roadmap Example

This document outlines the key timepoints at which patients and other stakeholders will have input on the COMPASS study (Wake Forest University Health Sciences). It is meant to provide a roadmap of engagement activities across the entire project by multiple stakeholders. The document outlines specific engagement activities for intervention design, recruitment and retention, and study implementation that can serve as a planning tool for other teams interested in developing stakeholder engagement.

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