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PCORI is committed to advancing patient-centered, stakeholder-engaged research and the meaningful involvement of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders throughout the entire research process. We do this to ensure that the results of the studies we fund are relevant, trustworthy, and more likely to be used in practice. PCORI also supports the uptake of engagement practices and methodologies within the broader healthcare research community. To encourage the spread of these practices, we have assembled a repository of engagement-related tools and resources developed and used by PCORI awardees. This searchable peer-to-peer repository includes resources that can inform future work in PCOR and was developed based on a process, which you can learn more about here.

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National & Local Statements of Work Template

These Statements of Work for the national and local stakeholder committees lay out important project information, partnership values, partner responsibilities, and important logistical information such as compensation processes. This Statement of Work could serve as a template or an example for other study teams as they draft governance documents for their stakeholder partners.

Walk On! Patient Advisory Board (PAB) Welcome Packet

An introductory letter to patient advisors on the Walk On! study (Kaiser Foundation Research Institute), this resource provides a study overview and description and outlines the activities of the patient advisor. Other research teams could use this document as an example of introductory/onboarding materials for study patient advisors.

SICP Review

Meeting materials shared with stakeholder advisors as part of the study kickoff meeting present a study overview and elements of the study protocol in an easily understandable format. The materials could be used as a model by other teams looking to introduce study protocol and intervention elements to stakeholder advisors.

Project ACE Resume Blurb for Patients

Research study participants and research study advisors can include this blurb on their resumes. Created by the University of Wisconsin Madison, the document also provides language included in the IRB modification for approval of the use of this language. The population of focus in this research study was teens, a group who may be more interested than others in highlighting research experiences on resumes for college and job applications. The resume blurb and sample language for IRB applications/modifications could be used as a template for other project teams to develop information for inclusion on resumes and CVs for participants and advisors.

CODA Patient Advisor Information

The University of Washington developed this role description for patient advisors participating in the CODA study. It contains information on patient advisor expectations, qualities, role, and time commitment, as well as a study organizational chart. The information presented in the document could inform the work of others developing or supporting work with patient advisors.

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