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About the Training Package

What is included in the training package?

This on-demand training package is broken up into five self-paced modules. Each module uses plain language to explain each of the five steps in the patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) study process:

  • Module 1: Developing Research Questions
  • Module 2: Designing the Research Study
  • Module 3: Planning Patient-Centered Consent and Study Protocols
  • Module 4: Sampling, Recruiting, and Retaining Study Participants
  • Module 5: Understanding and Sharing Research Findings

Each module includes visual and audio elements, as well as knowledge checks, to help users understand and apply the content. A printable plain language glossary of more than 60 research terms is also included in the modules.

The training package also includes three other materials:

Why did PCORI develop this training package?

PCORI developed this training in partnership with a Stakeholder Advisory Group to help people new to health research or patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). Based on extensive research, it is designed to help people understand the research process so that they can engage with confidence and contribute individual experiences to shape studies from start to finish.

Who is this training package designed for?

This training package is for anyone who wants to learn about how patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) studies are conducted including patients, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, policymakers, funders, patient advocates, students, and others. 

I am on a patient or stakeholder advisory group and am only involved in certain parts of the research study. Will the training package help me?

Yes. The training can help you understand how an entire study is created, conducted, and shared. The training is broken into modules so you can easily jump between different sections to access the most relevant information you need or that is most helpful or interesting to you.

I am familiar with health research – is there any benefit for me taking the training or sharing it with others?

Absolutely. You can use the training to refresh your memory or dig deeper on an aspect of research that you would like to understand better. You can also review the glossary to refresh on common terms you are likely to read or hear. Feel free to share the training with others and integrate it into your research project planning so that stakeholders will be prepared to contribute with confidence.

I don't know anything about research. Will this training be too advanced for me?

No. The training package is designed for people who are new to health research or patient-centered outcomes research. It uses plain language to help you both understand and remember information about the research process.

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Accessing the Training Package

Will I need a password to use the training package?

No. You do not need to register, create an account, or use a password to use any part of the training.

How much does the training package cost?

The training is free to anyone.

Will I need the internet to use the training? Can I download the modules to view them when I’m offline?

You will need an internet connection to view most of the training. You can access the training in any browser, but we recommend using the most recent versions of Google Chrome or Firefox.

You can download the PDF, The PCORI Approach to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, and the glossary (from any of the five modules) onto your computer, to view whenever it is useful.

Can I access the training package from my phone or tablet?

Yes. The training can be accessed from your smart phone or a tablet.

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Using the Training Package

Do I need to be part of a PCORI-funded study to use this training package?

No. The training package is available to anyone who would like to learn more about health research, regardless of whether you are part of a PCORI-funded study or not.

Is this training required for members of PCORI-funded studies?

No. PCORI does not require PCORI-funded teams – or those applying for PCORI funding – to complete the training. The training is a free resource to help stakeholders feel prepared to participate in research. PCORI’s approach to research focuses on research topics, questions, and outcomes most important to patients and those who care for them. Engaging patients and other stakeholders as partners throughout the research process helps research teams ask the right questions, study outcomes that matter most to patients, and produce useful and relevant results.

How much time will I need to go through the training package?

You will need about 3 – 3.5 hours to view everything in the training package; however, it may take more or less time based on your own learning needs and style. You do not need to complete the training in one sitting, and you can return to the training at any time.

How should I get started using the training package?

The Navigator tool is the best place to start. The Navigator can help you identify which materials to select based on the research phase, topic, or your existing knowledge. It includes an interactive map of the training package and has full descriptions of each module.

Do I need to complete the entire training package in one sitting?

No. You can complete the training in as many sessions as you wish and return to any module or individual section as often as you like. The training package uses cookies to track your progress. When you return to a module on the same computer or device, you will be asked, “Would you like to resume where you left off?” However, if you return to the module on a different computer or device, the module will start at the beginning.  

If I stop in the middle of a module and want to go back to it later, do I have to start the entire module over again?

No. Each module is divided into sections and you can go to any section or topic in a section at any time. When you return to a module on the same computer or device, you will be asked “Would you like to resume where you left off?”

If you are on a different computer of device, you can click on the Menu in the upper right corner of the module to return to the place you left off or access a new section (see below). You can also navigate to any page by page using the PREV or NEXT buttons in the bottom right corner until you find your place. You do not need to wait for the narration to finish to advance any page.

Can I print parts of the training package so I can have it with me when I attend meetings?

You can print the interactive PDF, The PCORI Approach to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, and the glossary, which is accessible as a PDF in any of the five modules.

Does everyone on my study team need to take the training at the same time?

No. The training is designed to be used individually, though it may be helpful to discuss the materials with other team members using the training package.

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Completing the Training Package

Will anyone know when I have completed the training package or a module?

No. Your progress on the training package and within each module will not be tracked or shared with others.

Can I complete the training package more than once?

Yes. You can complete the entire training package or a specific module as many times as you would like.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion or earn CEU/CME credits?

No, but PCORI is considering offering a certificate and credits in the future.

How can I provide feedback on the training package?

PCORI values your thoughts and feedback. You may submit comments or questions about the training package here.

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Created: November 16, 2020

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